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Updating Tight End Roster

With the signing of Bobby Blizzard, I wanted to update the roster stock from Monday's original post. We're doing this for two reasons -- (1) Something to do and (2) to forecast the final 2007 roster. Personally, I don't think anything changes simply because we have no idea what Blizzard can bring to this team. For now, I'm going to put him at the bottom of the tight end list until news/articles, etc. dictates otherwise.

  1. Reggie Kelly
  2. Daniel Coats *
  3. Ronnie Ghent
  4. Tim Day
  5. Sean Mulcahy (NFLe)
  6. Bobby Blizzard


Offense: 44 players, 12 rookies
Defense: 39 players, 10 rookies

2006 Final Roster