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Well, At Least I'm Entertained.

Many wonder what's going through Billy Donovan's head. After signing a five-year, $27.5 million contract, the former Florida head coach is rethinking his decision after somber goodbyes at Florida. Did the money blind him momentarily? Did he make too quick a decision without reflecting his move? Now the NBA is discussing banning Donovan five years if he breaks contract. You almost want to feel sorry for the guy. But he made his own bed, now he's at the mercy of lawyers and the Orlando Magic. Not an envious position.

At the same time, the Magic are in a pickle. For one, they aren't going to keep a coach that regrets joining their team in fear pessimism may drag results. And now they have to go after second options. Then ESPN asks the question in a poll, "Should Florida welcome Donovan back?" Of course they should. Ego is a pointless human trait and Donovan gave Florida's most successful basketball run.

ANYTIME there's a story about Michael Vick, I admit, I'm entertained. One day, probably soon, Vick will likely release a book that details how the media blows everything about him out of proportion. It will be something simple-minded like, My Truth. However, it'll be one of those books that only Falcons fans buy and only the Jay Mariotti types will read.

But think of Vick's robust resume: Ron Mexico, flipping off fans, CIA covert water bottle compartments, missed hearing on Capitol Hill supporting increased funding for after-school programs. Isn't this just another case of pampered athletes losing all notion of the word, "responsibility"?

Now grand feline station (i.e., Vick's house) is short "three plasma televisions - 62 inches, 42 inches and 32 inches - two floor buffers, a wet/dry vacuum, an upright washer and dryer, and a leather sofa valued at $17,550 were stolen."

So I pop my popcorn and watch the show.