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Complaints of Assault on Thurman Dropped.

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UPDATE III: Complaint Dropped: "Two Monticello, Georgia men are expected to drop their aggravated assault and trespassing complaint against a Bengals player Odell Thurman Friday morning. On Sunday, June 3, Brett Thomaston and Chad Cannon filed a report that Odell Thurman and his cousin Willie Thurman crashed their party. They said Odell Thurman assaulted them and that Willie Thurman put a gun in one of the men's mouths. Thurman and his cousin were never officially charged in the case and a Friday hearing to determine probable cause has since been canceled." (WCPO)

Thurman complaint pulled [Enquirer]

UPDATE II: WKRC picked up the story and added details of the charges:

Two men in Thurman's hometown of Monticello, Georgia claim he committed assault this weekend.

The men say Odell Thurman knocked one of the men to the ground outside a house party early Sunday morning, and his brother Willie Thurman placed a gun in the man's mouth.

The other man claims Thurman kicked and punched him.

UPDATE I: WCPO picked up the story. The reports coming in are that Odell and his brother were at a party when they were confronted by a "couple of men." Odell's brother "punched them" and hearing on WLW radio that one of the two began kicking them. After that, they left and returned with "guns drawn."

Hearing on Bill Cunningham's show that Odell Thurman was arrested for assault and that "guns were drawn" in Jasper County, Georgia.