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This week's rumblings

A classic quote was spoken by Carson Palmer in response to Chad racing a horse Saturday: "I don't think he really understands how fast horses are. I've got to back him up, but I'll be secretly putting money on that horse."

Palmer also talks about the vertical game saying the loss of Chris Henry hurts. While Henry is the top three best vertical receivers in the league, as per Palmer, Bennie Brazell is playing the vertical role. However, after experiencing a season ending PCL tear last season, he's now trying to recover from a groin pull. Who will be the #3?

Johnathan Joseph underwent surgery on his right foot. There's 100% confidence that Joseph will be ready by training camp.

Deltha O'Neal is high on Marvin White calling him a "ball hawker" and a "good player". Hobson says White and Chinedum Ndukwe have people "excited because" they are already "standing out now".

Rookie BYU Tight End, Ben Coats, has a head start being backup to Reggie Kelly.

Many people complain endlessly about Rudi Johnson and some even dislike the guy because he's not flashy and hasn't had that home run sprint since 2003. However, Hobson prompts those detractors to rebut the numbers... as well as his old man attitude to keep fit and in shape.

  • Most carries in the NFL since 2004 (1,036)
  • Fourth most yards rushing since 2004 (4,221).