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Cincinnati: 7th Most Frustrated Sports City

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Fox Sports published the Top 10 Most Frustrated Sports Cities. Cincinnati? Absolutely.

7. Cincinnati

These days, the Bengals are best known for their staggering team arrest totals. But from 1981-90, they were known as one of the better teams NOT to win it all. They made four playoff trips, reached the Super Bowl twice -- and lost twice to Joe Montana and the 49ers.

Since then, the Bengals have only been to the postseason once. And Cincinnati hasn't won a world championship since 1990, when the Reds won their first title since 1976 and swept the A's.

RECURRING NIGHTMARES: Montana calmly driving the 49ers down the field in Super Bowl XXIII; Reds owner Marge Schott walking Schottzie on the field, Stanley Wilson's cocaine binge; Carson Palmer's knee injury.

DEPARTURES: The NBA's Royals, Jerry Lucas, Oscar Robertson, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan, Sparky Anderson, Eric Davis, Sam Wyche, Boomer Esiason, Pete Rose, Lou Piniella, "The Nasty Boys," Tony Perez.

Let's not forget the bitter disappointment with UC Bearcats in March Madness.