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Thurman paces awaiting God-ell

Judgment is forthcoming for Mr. Odell Thurman. The league will determine if Thurman can be reinstated -- which is very likely to happen. I can only imagine the reaction of the Player's Union if Roger Goodell denies him reinstatement. After all, I still maintain the penalties he suffered, based on his actions, were far more strict than anything Chris Henry or Pacman Jones received. He was busted for a DUI and that was the limit of his Judas Priest karaoke. His battles steam from drug testing failures. Thurman's issue was never an ethical one; just broke a few rules.


Some people are making idiot assertions that Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. Clark Judge isn't one of them.

Peter Prisco says that Carson Palmer is #3 and Chad Johnson is #1 based on his positional rankings.

Sam Wyche is playing some golf for charity.

Were you the one trying to steal some Greg Brooks jerseys?

Meet Milt Stegall. Max is "former Roger Bacon, Miami University and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver." Max, receiver for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can become the CFL's all-time touchdown leader Friday night.