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No Roster Updates After Pollack News

With the news that David Pollack will miss 2007, no one was surprised. It would have been a near miracle to see #99 on the field at all. It makes you wonder Pollack's mind set. Will frustration amount towards a retirement? Will he regain confidence to throw his body around the field? Obviously, he has to do what's best for him. And by all accounts, he's found a certain peace with his religion and the support of his family. Still, Pollack is a gamer. And it's got to frustrate the hell out of him to be absent from the game for so long.

I believe linebacker is the most up-in-the-air position on this team. It's expected that Ahmad Brooks will start at middle linebacker. But if we see Odell Thurman return to a partial form we saw in 2005, I don't see Brooks holding the starting spot for long. Ed Hartwell is on the outside replacing the departed Brian Simmons. A history of serious injuries has me suspect that Hartwell can compete for a full season. By mid season, the post-training camp depth chart could be radically different.

Rashad Jeanty became a mainstay once Pollack's season prematurely ended. However, even Jeanty wasn't immune to the overwhelming injury bug that plagued the 2006 Bengals. He missed four games (Bengals went 1-3) after suffering a foot injury against Pittsburgh. ranked Jeanty 7th on the team with 59 tackles -- has him tied for 8th with 55 tackles.

However, if the linebackers hold a good bill of health, then I don't project Jeanty to start. If I were a betting man, I'd suspect that Landon Johnson would hold that spot. Johnson's reputation as a high-numbered tackler should give him the edge.

All things considered, no change was made on the Projected 2007 Bengals Depth Chart after the official news about David Pollack.

  1. Ahmad Brooks
  2. Ed Hartwell
  3. Landon Johnson
  4. Rashad Jeanty
  5. Odell Thurman
  6. Eric Henderson
  7. Caleb Miller
  8. Earl Everett *
  9. Andre Frazier
  10. Matt Muncy *
  11. Cameron Siskowic *

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