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Madden 2008 Promises Defense

I've always bought football games in cycles. One year, I'll buy the new Madden. The next year, I'll buy the new College Football game. I do this because I've learned that major changes come in each game every other year. So I rotate getting the new functions, graphics, features, etc.. without having to buy both games each year. Plus, I really don't have infinite time to go through a season in each game. I bought an Xbox 360 last year with the next-gen version of Madden 2007. It was radically different than the little brother version (Original Xbox). I played several seasons, but have since stopped playing it taking on other titles like Gears of War and Call to Duty.

After reading this Madden 2008 review, I came away thinking I'll get Madden again this year.

The pressure got to me and Brady went down in the backfield for a big loss.  What was so great about witnessing the sack was that it gave us a chance early in the game to see just how cool the newly added gang-tackles are going to be this season.  One Bengal defender made an initial hit on Brady that sent him flying to the left, while another finished the tackle by slamming him from the backside and sending him to the right.  The physics of how that tackle developed was extremely true to the realism we are used to seeing every Sunday in the NFL.  Gang-tackling may be the coolest thing that we've seen in the game to this point because of just how many different tackle animations there are now. 

A point this review made, was the mad improvements on defense -- especially play calling.

Defensively, we were excited to see that the ability to make manual plays has improved.  Last season making a user pick on your opponent was extremely difficult.  However, this year there are going to be more opportunities because of the number of different schemes that you can throw at your opponent.  Defensive playmaking has been heavily integrated into this year's game.

Hummm... yea, I'll probably get it.