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ESPN headlines... A-Rod's wife?

You know, it's a low down dirty shame that has to run this headline: "Reported F-bomb shirt lands A-Rod's wife in tabloid". Since A-Rod is not part of the steroid controversy or one of thousands of professional athletes getting arrested, publications like the New York Post have to find some why to take down one of the truly gifted athletes of our time. And ESPN plays the role of gossip column after citing the completely irrelevant, ticky-tac, piece. Come to Cincinnati A-Rod. The Bengals might produce some headlines, but the only reason the Reds are known to be on the land of the living, is because Ken Griffey Jr. lead the entire National League in All Star votes. If it weren't for him, then we'd be that guy that wrestling superstars beat up on during the mid-card events.

With the approaching All-Star game, what are the prospects of both Griffey and Barry Bonds hitting in the homerun contest?