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Daugherty: It's about the rest of us

Paul Daugherty wrote a good piece today. Rather than going after Michael Vick's morality and animal ethics, he talks about us -- how people react and how they condemn someone without persuasion other than initial accusations. You might not agree, but he's taking the angle in his piece that we judge and convict even before the pre-trial.

The only thing going against Daugherty's argument is the tremendous amount of detailed information and the number of times Vick is specifically implied on all these charges.

The problem now is, the line between what we know and what we think is perpetually blurred. It's trampled by the noise from CNN, FOX News, blogs, talk radio and the general feeling that whoever shouts first, loudest and longest will be most clearly heard. The marketplace of ideas looks like a mixed martial arts octagon.

Two words knock around my brain now, whenever anyone is accused of anything: Duke lacrosse. Three innocent college kids, all but convicted a year before they were cleared.

I couldn't care less about Vick. If he fought dogs, abused dogs, killed dogs, he's a creep. Stick him in an 8-by-8 cell with a half dozen rabid Rottweilers. It's not about Michael Vick.

It's about the rest of us, denying to others the same civility and civil liberties we'd damned sure expect if someone accused us of a crime.

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