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Joey Porter Fine is a Joke

Roger God-ell, in an effort to be lenient on behind the back ambush jump attacks against fellow NFL players, decided not to suspend Joey Porter after he and several of his posse jumped Cincinnati Bengals left tackle, Levi Jones. Not only was theft involved, but battery also. And I'm wondering if God-ell is sweating at the possibility that Jones will bring this to Civil Court. That would only magnify the ridiculous punishment handed down.

He will only be fined $141,176 (that's three game checks). This off-season, Porter signed a five-year deal worth $32.5 million -- $20 million of it guaranteed. Yea, that's tough. Whether or not the fine is a "one of the biggest in NFL history" is completely irrelevant. It just goes to show that the flaky guidelines of God-ell's personal belief of proper conduct is a joke... and dangerous.

My point has nothing to do with Porter, everything to do with God-ell.

Schefter: Joey Porter to be fined, not suspended [The Phinsider]

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