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I wonder... about the crisis of sports integrity

We're bringing back the "I Wonder..." series. This series was simply a way to pose a topic originating from my badly damaged stem of a brain. Typically, these ran each week following the game. However at times we ran these on other NFL topics and other sports. It's a way to invoke conversation or simply to call me an idiot.

Today we are going to branch out beyond Cincinnati Bengals issues and look at two "integrity issues" with Michael Vick and NBA ref, Tim Donaghy.

...if Vick's banishment from camp was to simply help Blank.

After my 10-minute wait in line at Popeye's Chicken (more below), I got home, powered up the tube with "Breaking News" that Roger Goodell told Michael Vick to stay away from training camp. There was a lot of pressure on the Falcons and the NFL to "do something" -- and not just from animal rights groups. Arthur Blank probably didn't want to alienate Vick in the possibility that the franchise quarterback could be found innocent. So how do you win, if you're Blank? Have the Commissioner make a decision that conforms to his tough-as-nails policies and asking the team to NOT discipline him for now. Now Blank won't be in Vick's future memoirs describing how the owner turned his back and Goodell wins by "doing something".

Len Pasquarelli described Vick's training camp banishment as "much needed". John Clayton says it's the beginning of the end for Vick in Atlanta. Vic Carucci takes the melodramatic road saying it's a sad day... FOR EVERYONE!!! John Czarnecki suggests that Falcons management should give Vick the year off. Mike Sando says, "Let's not rush to judgment". Ha, too late for that.

[The Falcoholic]

...if the NBA is close to hijacking the Vick story.

The feds investigating NBA referee, Tim Donaghy, is quickly destroying integrity... not just in the NBA, but in sports. I say this for one reason. When odd-ball or missed calls dictate/determine the outcome games, the story about Donaghy will surface. A relatable example is steroids in baseball. People question sudden bursts of homeruns as possibly attributing to the use of HGH. Why? Because our culture is one of suspect. While most of us are normal joe's, those that are not normal, like professional athletes, makes us wonder why or how they are what they are. Sometimes genetics isn't a satisfactory answer. Hard work is hardly ever a reasonable explanation.

It appears that the NBA knew Donaghy had a gambling problem. And it also appears that Donaghy made calls, no-calls, that seemed odd -- of which, the NBA also knew about.

This Tim Donaghy story could send a rippling reaction throughout the professional sporting world.

...if Popeye's Chicken realizes they're fast food.

The age old question is always presented: If you don't like the service, why do you keep going back. On my way home Monday night, all I thought about was buying chicken for dinner. I decided Popeye's Chicken over Kentucky Fried Chicken because it was closer. However, every time I go to Popeye's, something is always wrong. Either they never have what I order, or it takes 20 minutes to retrieve my food.

I pulled into the drive-through intercom -- well, not through, that would be just silly -- and placed my order for an eight-piece, all-mild, all-dark meat chicken dinner. To which they responded, "we're not sure we can do that." Um, alright. This has happened before where I get a four-piece or an eight-piece and they have to cook it up on the spot. Sure, having freshly friend chicken is always delicious, but we're fast food here, right? I once waited thirty minutes for an eight-piece meal sitting in the Shell gas station parking lot watching at least five cars that ordered behind me get their food.

My question, for a chicken place, is why don't you freaking have chicken... considering you're a damned fast food restaurant. So why do I go back? Because the chicken is damned good and the location is damned convenient. Eventually I'll learn that junk service and 20 minute wait times at a fast food restaurant will eventually be too much of a pain in the ass. I was always a slow learner in the family.