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Aliens and Animation Fights Back!

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Daily Mail

This past Saturday night, an entire town stood still to watch five lights migrate throughout the sky. Most stargazers insist that it made slow quiet movements coordinating specific maneuvers that no man-made vehicle could do. Perhaps a Ron Mexico pick-up? I know it sounds crazy and the issue of planetary foreigners is a matter of belief or not. But this stuff is becoming pretty common. There's countless UFO sightings in Arizona.

A report in 2000, in a village 50 kilometers from Beijing, saw a "shimmering gold light" that 10 other Chinese villages/cities witnessed. The government, in all their outside-the-box thinking, said like being there, that it was airplane trails catching the low sun.

The UFO Reporting Center recorded 148 "alien visits" within the United States during January 2005. Scared yet?

Did you know...

Joseph Allen Hynek wrote a book in 1972 called The UFO Experience: A Scientific Study introducing the three kinds of alien encounters. They are:

First Kind - Sighting of UFO (odd lights, saucer)
Second Kind - Physical observation of UFO (crop circles, heat)
Third Kind - "Animate Beings" (E. T.)

These will be instant classics one day.

Animator vs Animation

Animator vs. Animation 2


Only one rookie has signed thus far: Seventh-rounder Dan Santucci to a four-year deal.

This Day in History

I send out a four-question trivia to friends and co-workers about This Day in History. If you can email me the correct respones, I'll give you an awesome compliment.

1. On this date, the United States test fired the first of many Pacific nuclear explosions at Bikini Island. The USSR tested the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated. The explosion was so large that the mushroom cloud went over 2.5 miles high, the explosion was felt from over 620 miles away and you would suffer third degree burns if you stood 100 miles away. How large was that explosion?
a. 50 Kilotons
b. 100 Kilotons
c. 50 Megatons
d. 100 Megatons

2. On this date, Voyager 2 reached Saturn. What's not true about Voyager 2?
a. That it took close and detailed photos of Titan, moon to Saturn
b. That it visited four plants -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
c. That the power left on the probe will last until 2020.
d. First time volcanic activity on another planetary body was actually seen -- on Io, moon to Jupiter.

3. On this date, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis went on stage for the first time together as a team. Where did they perform?
a. Las Vegas
b. Atlantic City
c. Los Angeles
d. New York City

4. Who am I? I was born on this date. My research contributed to the discovery of the double-helix structure of deoxyribonucleic acid.
a. Frederick Sanger
b. Maurice Wilkins
c. Linus Pauling
d. Rosalind Franklin