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Polka-dotted Green Jeans and Thurman's Clicking Tock

First, the obvious. went through another site re-design adding some (O.K. a lot) of black. I'm not one to speak. While I have -.53% control on the design of this site, it still doesn't excuse my inability to match my pants with my shirt. I'll wear white after Memorial day with yellow polka-dotted green jeans... you know, just to mix it up. That's how I roll, yo.

(moving on)

THE Bengals second draft pick signed today: sixth-round, defensive tackle from Oregon, Matt Toeaina. Like Santucci , this deal runs for four years.

MARK CURNUTTE, in all his posting glory says that Irons "might miss start of camp". Why? Contract negotiations.

OK, that's a bit rough. But Marvin Lewis is 100% correct. It's a bit ridiculous and careless that the team is still waiting word from Roger Goodell regarding Odell Thurman. The excuse that his time is preoccupied with the Michael Vick deal doesn't make sense. What could he possibly do right now that would take his entire day? He already banned him from training camp. It's up to the legal system now. So, get off your ass Roger and tell the team either yes or no. Either way, act like you're doing something. [in reflection, that seems like a rather angry post... but passion is good, so it stays]