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Thurman's Reinstatement: Denied

If you were to ask me what the definition of crap is, it's the logic that's driving chancellor Roger Goodell. Thursday morning, the NFL "Commissioner" denied Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, Odell Thurman's reinstatement bid. That means he's out for the entire 2007 season and is eligible to reapply after the season. This comes after Goodell sat on the issue since Thurman's eligibility back on July 11. It took 16 days to get any response and in the end, Goodell said no.

Now we can put Thurman, who suffered a DUI as the sole legal issue he's dealt with, above the actions of Pacman Jones and even Chris Henry. Some of you would rather just cut ties to the linebacker. And if you're in that camp, your arguments are sound. I just didn't envision Thurman dealing with a 24 month, 32 game suspension simply for three substance abuse policy violations.

I'm sure we'll hear the reason soon. After all, we're past the period of handing out sentences without a reason. Aren't we?

Rookies are signing

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Rookie Status
Leon Hall Not close. Probably miss some training camp.
Kenny Irons Possible. Might still miss start of training camp.
Marvin White Sides are close. Working on "minor language issues".
Jeff Rowe Expects final deal Thursday.
Matt Toeaina Four-year deal.
Dan Santucci Four-year deal.
Nedu Ndukwe Deal imminent.