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Readjusting the Roster Stock

We've updated the Roster Stock Page to reflect Thurman out for the season and some adjustments based off the "piece of paper" -- what other people call depth chart.

Still no word from the commissioner's office for the rejected application for reinstatement. Other than accusations made against Odell and his brother -- no cops called and no charges filed -- we've heard next to nothing. As far as we know, and his agent and representatives are confirming -- along with teammates -- Thurman did everything he was asked to.

"From what we heard he was doing everything he was supposed to do and to miss another year is tough,"
- John Thornton

"I am disappointed for Odell,"
- Marvin Lewis [Enquirer]

"He has done everything he was supposed to,"
- Safarrah Lawson, Thurman's Atlanta-based representative [Enquirer last week]

Don't worry about Odell. At last reports, he's working at a construction company in Monticello, Georgia.

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