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Neck injury, Palmer sits out, Steiny talks

During Monday morning's practice, Bengals tight end and former NFLe player Sean Mulcahy, was taken off the field in an ambulance after suffering an apparent "neck injury". While there's nothing definite, the team spokesman Jack Brennan -- the busiest staffer employed by Mike Brown -- said that initial reports are "encouraging". In the same blog post, Curnutte makes mention that Palmer took practice off to work with strength and conditioning coaches. Nothing to worry about there.

Hobson says, "Jack Brennan reported Mulcahy was joking and conversing with nurses at the University of Kentucky Trauma Center". Which got me to thinking of, sponge baths! Curnutte says, Mulcahy "has movement in all extremities", which is good news. We'll hear more when it's available.

One of the comments, apparently content on ripping Curnutte says, "What the heck does Palmer practicing inside have to do with a guy gettting taken to a trauma center?" I noted the three-t'd word also. However, I too add multiple subjects to one post. I expect most of my readers can digest multiple things in a single post. Are y'all able to keep pace here?

TE Hurt [Curnutte Blog]
Update: Reports 'encouraging' []

More Monday Morning Practice Notes

As mentioned above, Palmer took the morning practice off so he doesn't "overdo it" and work on muscles that "get ignored". He'll be back to practice this evening.

Eric Henderson picked off a pass after Ed Hartwell picked up Henderson's man (Reggie Kelly) allowing him to roam free and pick off the pass.

Bennie Brazell is still catching everything thrown to him.. including a slant pattern besting rookie cornerback, Leon Hall.

Also, Frostee Rucker (leg) sat during practice.

Steiny "eager" for week 2

Eric Steinbach said he needed a change after 2006. The change he found, not to degrade our Browns friends, is a team that's back to where the '03 Bengals were when Steiny got drafted. Oh, and a crazy pay raise.

I found this interesting, however.

"As a player whose contract is up, you've got to realize that teams are going to make their moves, and if you're not a part of the formula, you've got to move on," he said. "I don't think there's any rhyme or reason (for the Bengals' turning a cold shoulder).

Ummmmmmmm, yea. It was your cost. It was known early that Steinbach would cost a lot to retain. Reports surfaced, whether true or not, I'm not sure, that he wanted Steve Hutchinson money. After the Bengals gave extensions to Willie Anderson, Bobbie Williams and Levi Jones, Steinbach's exit became clear.

Specialty networks

The Big Ten network is for you -- if you want to add $1.10 to your cable bill and watch crappy college football matchups. If you live in a state with a Big Ten team, then you're paying a full dollar more than those out of Big Ten states. That's drawing a red flag from cable companies. Also, cable companies want to put the Big Ten on their Sports Tier. Big Ten Network says they want basic cable.

ESPNU, the NFL Network and Big Ten Network are three of a growing trend -- specialty networks. I've maintained that cable companies are right on this one. They SHOULD be on the Sports Tier and cable companies are right to protect the costs of consumers. OK, I know that's a convenient PR-sided argument because my cable bill goes up for no apparent reason. Still, it sounds damn good.

Ah, the clearest picture of corporate rule

If the Big Ten Network takes off, then they would consider adding a 12th team -- says commissioner Jim Delany. Now, that would make sense! A twelve team Big Ten. And some of you got all up in arms about 11. But make sure you wait until a revenue producing product booms.

King of fluff

Enjoy this fluff Peter King interview with NFL Chancellor Roger Goodell.