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The man that is Sean Mulcahy

Let's follow the sequence of events today for Bengals tight end, Sean Mulcahy former NFLe superstar.

After morning practice, Justin Smith said, "It wasn't much of a collision, but it looked like he got his head pinched a little bit," Smith said. "Necks are a weird thing, and it was a 260-pound guy that hit him. It's part of the game. You hope it doesn't happen. It's unfortunate, but you just hope he's going to be all right."

He was taken off the field, via ambulance, in an all too familiar David Pollack feel. When practice ended, word got around that the news on Mulcahy was encouraging. He was even "joking and conversing with nurses at the University of Kentucky Trauma Center". Later, it was reported that he had full use of all extremities.

Since then, he's returned to camp "resting comfortably" ready to meet with club doctors about his neck injury.

Brooks cut

In the article linked above, Hobson reports that cornerback Greg Brooks "failed a physical and he never made it to camp this season." Bye.

Don't buy systems from this guy


A Warren County man was indicted Monday on allegations that he "sold" Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 video game systems that he never had, authorities say.

Jeremy Sparks, 22, of Morrow, downloaded online photographs of those game systems and posted them on the eBay internet auction site, "so he could defraud victims across the country by agreeing to sell them electronic game systems which he did not have," a grand jury report says.

If you're going to get busted and spend some time of your life in prison, you ditch the little dog and do one of those Ocean's 11 schemes. Then again, I've always been a big dreamer.