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Around the AFC North

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Former Bengals roster fodder linebacker, Jason Berryman, got himself into a little trouble, again after being "cited for driving with a suspended license and failing to obey a stop sign". Berryman is the example that most college student athletes should concern themselves with education rather than a career in athletics. The good news is that he's not with the team anyway.

Bob Dzvonick was a defensive end in 2005 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cologne Centurions (NFLe). The Bengals signed him as a rookie free agent on April 23, 2002. Now he's a marine.


It seems the Browns aren't confident in signing left tackle, Joe Thomas and having the rookie ready for the season. Also of note, LeCharles Bentley will make an attempt to play in 2007.

Baltimore Beat Down thinks that the Ravens will sweep the Bengals in '07. See you week 1, Black Raven.

Will Heath Miller have a breakout season? Peter draws first blood.