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Taking in a Minor League Baseball game

Earlier this week, I was invited to a Dayton Dragons baseball game. The Dragons are a single A minor league team affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds. If you live around the Cincinnati/Dayton area, I really do encourage you to go. The Dragons, during the sixth inning, scored 11 runs -- including a Denis Phipps grand slam. The Dragons starting pitcher, Rafael Gonzalez, scored his 10th victory for the season allowing no runs through 5.2 innings. Only turning 21, I imagine we'll see Gonzalez with the Reds -- barring any trades -- within the next few seasons. Drew Stubbs, a centerfielder, seems like he could develop into a fine leadoff player and mainstay centerfielder with the big league club.. again, probably in a few seasons. However, while Stubbs has some pop in his bat, he strikes out a lot (88 Ks on 306 at bats). If you're a fan of baseball, and have never gone to a minor league game, then I'd highly recommend you take one in.