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Bumpy Humpday Wednesday

Part II of my long drive into work with bossman, a Bengals fan, detailed Odell Thurman. He's convinced that Thurman will never play again. I, on the other hand, found myself in the middle. Thurman will play again, no doubt. On the other hand, perhaps I put too much stock in the guy. Do you still place faith in someone when they've given you nothing to make you believe that you can trust them?

This Cincinnati Enquirer article reports that Odell Thurman missed a meeting with his parole officer on July 24.

Suspended Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman violated his Hamilton County probation and must show up in court to explain why.

Thurman, who was suspended all of last season and for all of the 2007 season by the NFL, was supposed to report to his Hamilton County probation officer July 24.

When he didn’t, Probation Officers Liz Albert and Bob Lutkenhoff filed a criminal complaint against him for not reporting.

It was announced on July 26, that Thurman would not be reinstated.


Set back for Tab Perry and Glenn Holt

Hopeful #3 wide receiver, Tab Perry, is headed to Nashville to meet a hip specialist. Perry says it's cool and that "they want it to calm down."

Glenn Holt strained his hamstring during Monday Night's practice.
: Antonio Chatman has yet to practice.

Bennie Brazell and Skyler Green suddenly find themselves in competition for a roster spot.

More notes from

  • Adam Kieft figures to return to practice Thursday after x-rays came clean.
  • Marvin Lewis is giving mad props to Ahmad Brooks.
  • Madieu Williams is a "different guy".
    "He doesn't have all those pressures on him. You can see his smile again," Lewis said. "You see it in his play. I think having the whole year to train has been good, and I see a different rapport between he and (strong safety) Dexter (Jackson) than we were experiencing last year."