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Thurman's Case Goes to U.S., Saints join Bengals in practice, Kenny Chesney at WR and flash backs

The case for Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman, while the player's union sits on their hands awaiting order from NFL Chancellor Roger Goodell regarding Thurman's appeal, is heading to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As mentioned before, Thurman isn't just suspended -- he's expelled from the league until Goodell approves his reinstatement.

Bengals medical staff

I'm not a doctor nor do I have any connection with medicine -- except for bottles of aspirin Saturday and Sunday morning. But we're heard several times about misdiagnosis that's expanded the delay which a player makes their return after off-season procedures.

On July 26, reporting day at Georgetown College, left tackle Levi Jones said the Bengals' rehabilitation staff "overlooked the pain issues I was having" in his knee, and that he found a method that helped him to begin healing only when he went to a training facility in Arizona. In essence, Jones said he lost three months in his comeback.


In August 2006, tailback Chris Perry said a misdiagnosis by the Bengals' medical staff forced him to have knee surgery April 28. He had undergone ankle surgery earlier in that offseason and would have had the knee operation if he had been told by the Bengals.

Now Willie Anderson, possibly preparing for a missed start against the Ravens in regular season game #1, is frustrated because it took so long to address the actual problem.

"I did it last year," Anderson said. "I kept playing with it. I did something before the game to get me to go. I found out it was something new that came up. It's the biggest issue; by not knowing what was wrong, I may have done further damage to it during the offseason.

"Hopefully, this procedure will get me through for the season. I'm disappointed I found out this late in the offseason exactly what was going on."

"If I had known, I could have had this procedure done in January," Anderson added.

Hobson is saying that he could be out against Baltimore and "a lot more games than that." Just to explain how serious the mysterious injury is, Anderson says the procedure either works or bad news comes out.

Left tackle, Levi Jones could miss some time also.

I get the feeling that injury will be a big issue this season.

Bengals/Saints practice

The Bengals and Saints are conducting joint practices together. Kevin Kaesviharn and Brian Simmons reunite with old 'mates. Kenny Chesney will suit up as a wide receiver and workout with the Saints.

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Two back system

The Bengals cursed designation of #2 back lands players in the medical ward. Some successful teams in last year's playoffs employed a two-running back system. And it's not like they are equal partners -- the talent as the #2 back, more of a specialty back than a relief back, allows for an added dimension on offense. That's the trend at least. The Saints are the leading examples of a two-back system adding dynamics to a team's offense.

Flash back

Remembering the Bengals 31-16 win at New Orleans.