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Preseason Game #2: Saints @ Bengals

GAME: New Orleans Saints (0-2) @ Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)
WHEN: Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Cincinnati
BROADCAST: Channel 12 (Cincinnati)
SB NATION: Canal Street Chronicles Game Center
Who Dey vs. Who Dat
Team Press Releases
Bengals win 31-16 last season

WARNING: Suffering major internet connection issues. Updates could become sporadic, at best. I wonder if this is some NFL vs. Time Warner deal?

SCORE (Saints 24, Bengals 12)

  • 1Q with 8:52 left: Deuce McAllister, 8-yard TOUCHDOWN run. Saints 7, Bengals 0
  • 1Q with 3:43 left: Shayne Graham, 51-yard FIELD GOAL. Saints 7, Bengals 3
  • 1Q with 1:27 left: Olindo Mare, 48-yard FIELD GOAL. Saints 10, Bengals 3
  • 2Q with 13:03 left: Reggie Bush, 6-yard TOUCHDOWN run. Saints 17, Bengals 3
  • 2Q with 7:38 left: Shayne Graham, 33-yard FIELD GOAL. Saints 17, Bengals 6
  • 2Q with 5:07 left: Shayne Graham, 25-yard FIELD GOAL. Saints 17, Bengals 9
  • 2Q with 0:07 left: Shayne Graham, 32-yard FIELD GOAL. Saints 17, Bengals 12
  • 4Q (first play): Antonio Pittman, 1-yard TOUCHDOWN run. Saints 24, Bengals 12
  • 4Q with 1:58 left: Olindo Mare, 23-yard FIELD GOAL. Saints 27, Bengals 12
  • 4Q with 0:07 left: Jeff Rowe pass to Skyler Green, 14-yard TOUCHDOWN pass. Saints 27, Bengals 19


  • Robert Geathers, rib strain (doubtful, as per Channel 12)
  • Deltha O'Neal limped off the field and limped back in around the two minute mark in the first.
  • On the pass Landon Johnson tipped, it looks like Johnson hurt himself on the way down. Medical taking a look at him.
  • Herana-Daze Jones was upended by a team mate and laid on the field for several minutes. He limped off the field favoring his left knee. Jones came back in on the next series.


  • Touchdown. Pass from Rowe was a great, accurate pass with zip to Skyler Green.
  • Good effort: On a screen pass (2-10-NO36, 7:02 in 4Q), Xzavie Jackson tried to run down the QB whom tossed it to Thomas picking up 11 yards. The guy that tackled Thomas? Jackson, after chasing him down 11 yards plus.
  • On the 3rd and 12, with 10:40 left in the game, Herana Jones forces the Saints' QB to dunk. The combination of Jones and Nedu records the second sack on the drive. Brooks forced two blockers to block him while the safety tandum recorded the sack.
  • Ahmad Brooks, with 11:55 left in the 4Q, sprinted up the middle, untouched for the quickest sack I've ever seen.
  • On third and 14, Martin completes a 19 yard pass to Moore for a first down. After that, Martin cmpleted a 14 yard pass to Moore, Pittman ran for seven yards, Martin completes a 15-yard pass to Moore
  • In back-to-back plays, Johnathan Fanene with about eight minutes left in the third quarter, dropped Pittman for a one-yard loss and tipped a pass that forced the Saints to punt.
  • Michael Myers drops Stecker for a two-yard loss on third and two with 13:53 left in the 3Q. Saints punt.
  • Missed wide open pass to Daniel Coats. Pass tipped.
  • On third and four, Eric Henderson and Justin Smith pressure Jamie Martin off the right side (from the defenses perspective). Henderson stripped the ball, but the Saints recover and punt.
  • On 3rd and 19, Eric Henderson blitzes up the middle and strips the ball from Jamie Martin. Caleb Miller recovers at the NO 3.
  • Madieu Williams blitzes and sacks Jamie Martin at the 7:27 mark in the second quarter.
  • On a fourth and one, the Saints run an end around to Copper. Smith strips the ball out and Peko recovers the fumble.
  • After Palmer fumble, Reggie Bush scores on a barely touched six-yard run up the middle.
  • Palmer fumbles on a sack by Charles Grant. Palmer pumped once to the left and brought the football back down, unprotected. Grant caused the fumble and recovered by Lake. Play happened on third and three at the CIN 38 on the first play of the second quarter.
  • Pressure by Justin Smith forces incomplete on third down with 1:32 left in the first quarter.
  • Tip by Landon Johnson forces incomplete and essentially helps stall the drive with 2:21 left in the first quarter.
  • Brees completes passes of 10 yards (Copper), 10 yards (Copper), 10 yards (McAllister) and 12 yards (Bush) on the first drive.

THIRD DOWN CONVERSIONS (bold for Bengals means successful conversion, bold for opposing team means Bengals successful stop)

Bengals Sit. Result   Saints Sit. Result
1 3-6-CIN24 Incomplete   1 3-6-CIN30 Incomplete
2 3-1-CIN29 Rudi: 7-yard run   2 3-19-NO21 Sack/Fumble lost
3 3-5-CIN41 Chad: 15-yard pass   3 3-4-NO44 Sack/Fumble
4 3-1-NO35 Rudi: 3-yard run   4 3-2-NO41 Two yard loss on Stecker run. Myers drops
5 3-11-NO33 Incomplete   5 3-3-NO41 Tipped pass by Fanene
6 3-3-CIN38 Sack/Fumble lost   6 3-14-NO34 Moore: 19 yard pass
7 3-1-CIN35 Incomplete   7 3-1-CIN2 Moore: 1-yard pass
8 3-1-NO15 Watson: No-gain run   8 3-12-NO12 Sack
9 3-7-NO7 Incomplete   9 3-1-NO21 Miller: 15-yard pass
10 3-1-CIN44 Sneak.   10 3-10-NO47 Jones: 8-yard pass
11 3-1-CIN 36 Manderino: 5-yard pass   11 3-4-CIN4 Incomplete
12 3-10-CIN41 Fumble/Recovered        
13 3-10-CIN18 Brazell: 6-yard pass        
14 3-9-CIN42 Incomplete        
15 3-5-NO46 Incomplete (tipped)        
16 3-1-CIN30 Brown: 3-yard run        
17 3-10-CIN14 TOUCHDOWN, Rowe to Skyler.        

RED ZONE ATTEMPTS (plays/results AFTER getting into the RedZone)

Bengals When Result Notes
1 8:18, 2Q Two plays, no gain. No-gain rush attempt by Watson on third down. Field Goal.
2 5:55, 2Q Three plays, -4 yards Watson lost four yards on the first down play. Doug passed two incomplete passes. Field Goal.
3 0:28, 2Q 5 plays, 5 yards Doug Johnson threw three incompletes. Drive saved on a defensive holding. Field Goal
4 0:24, 4Q 3 plays, 14 yards TOUCHDOWN Incomplete after pressure on first RZ play. McNeal let pass go through hands on second RZ play -- feet were out of bounds anyway.


  1. Chad Johnson - false start on 1-10-NO 32 (4:21). Team doesn't pick up another first down and Shayne Graham converts a 51-yard field goal.
  2. Tab Perry - false start on 1-10-CIN 27 (12:32, 3Q). Perry recovers picking up 12-yards on a pass on the following play.
  3. Curtis Brown - Offensive holding (punt) on 4-20-CIN 31 (8:58, 3Q). No damage.
  4. Nate Lawrie - false start on 1-15-CIN 13. Team doesn't pick up another first down.
  5. Jesse Holley - holding (punt return). Takes Bengals from CIN 30 to CIN 15 -- enforced at the CIN 25.
  6. T.J. Wright - out of bounds at 4-9-CIN42. Forced a re-punt that allowed the Saints to score a touchdown on the return. BUT, offensive hold on Saints brings the ball back to the NO 14.

How do I do this?
Well, I'm watching the television, listening to the radio and watching's Game Center

9:28: Fellas. I'm out. I'll be updating the stats and including new ones. I want to sit back and watch the backups/younger guys.

9:27: Saints ball, first and ten at the NO 34. Martin drops back under a Bengals blitz and completes the pass to Jones (NO) for an 8-yard gain on a quick slant. Second and two at the NO 42, Pittman gets the handoff and is ripped down by Johnathan Fanene. Third and three at the NO 41, Martin drops back and Fanene tips the pass. Saints punt.

9:22: After a deep jump ball that was batted out of Chris Henry's hands down the right hand side, Wilson takes the hand off on a stretch to the right for a no-gain. Third and 10 at the CIN 41, Johnson sets up in shotgun and the snap deflects off his hands. Bengals recover the fumble. Bengals punt.

9:19: Adam Keift in at left tackle! On first and ten at the CIN 14, Doug hands off to Quincy Wilson running a stretch run play to the right. Wilson picks up 13 yards. FALSE START: Tab Perry. First and 15 at the CIN 22, Doug drops back and throws to Tab Perry for a 12-yard gain. He played the slot and run to open field about 7-9 yards up field. Second and three at the CIN 34, Doug hands off to Wilson for a small two-yard gain. Third and one at the CIN 36, Doug throws right to Manderino running out in the flats. Five yard gain and the first down.

9:14: The Saints will start the second half at their own 20. First and ten, Martin completes a 13 yard pass to Moore. Converts for a first down. First and ten at the NO 33, Martin drops back and throws to his right. Incomplete. Second and ten, Martin drops back and dumps off to Moore over the middle for an 8-yard gain. Third and two at the NO 41, Stecker gets the hand off and is DRILLED by Michael Myers. Nice stop!

8:55: First and ten at the NO 14 (:23), Doug, in shotgun, throws left to Tab Perry. Incomplete. Either Perry didn't react quick enough or the pass was just way off. Second and ten, Doug (shotgun) looks left and then rolls out right. He sets up his feet and throws to the back of the end zone for Bennie Brazell. The pass just went through Brazell's hands. Should have had it. Bengals with :07 left in the half, kick a field goal: Saints 17-12.

8:53: On second and three at the NO24 (0:45), Doug sits in shotgun and throws over the middle to Daniel Coats running over the middle. On first and 10 at the NO 19, Doug throws over the left to Daniel Coats WIDE OPEN and the pass drops off Coats' knees. The ball was tipped. Second and 10 at the NO 19, Doug, in shotgun, throws a missile to his left. DEFENSIVE HOLDING.

8:51: On first and ten on the NO41, Doug Johnson, in shotgun, throws to the right to Chris Henry running up about 7 yards and then in. He caught the pass and then turned directly for the first down marker and the out of bounds. First and ten, at the NO 31, Doug in shotgun, throws over the middle to Tab Perry who sat in the middle of the field for a small 7-yard gain. NEW ORLEANS TIMEOUT #2.

8:49: On second and seven at the CIN 38 inside the two-minute warning, Doug throws right to Daniel Coats for a 6-yard gain. The Bengals picked up the first down with a sneak for two yards. On first and 10, at the CIN46, Doug looks right and completes a nice pass to Daniel Coats for 13 yards. Bengals TIMEOUT #1.

8:46:On first and 10 at the CIN35, Doug Johnson throws a short pass to Kenny Watson for three yards off the right. TWO MINUTE WARNING.

8:44: On first and 10 at the NO38, Martin throws a screen to the left. Stecker picked up six yards. Second and four at the NO44, Martin drops back and quickly throws to Copper running an out route to the left. Incomplete. Third and four, the Bengals brought a bunch of guys and Martin FUMBLES the ball. HENDERSON strips the ball and Justin Smith and Henderson failed to pick it up. Game day says Robinson, but I didn't think I saw him on the replay. Could be wrong. Either way, Saints punt.

8:42: On first and 10, at the NO20, Pittman runs off the left side for about two yards. On second and eight, at the NO22, Martin fakes the hand off and throws left to Patten sitting in the middle of a wide-open zone for 16 yards.

8:39: On first and three, Kenny Watson is dropped by Grant for a four yard loss .On second and seven, Doug Johnson rolled out right and throws to brick-hands Kenny Watson. Bengals have a third and goal at the seven. Doug drops back and throws to an unready Tab Perry who was running an in-route about 3 yards shy of the goal line. Incomplete.. Booooooooooo. Shayne Graham kicks 24-yard field goal and the Bengals are one touchdown and two point conversion away from tie. (that's 17-9).

8:37: OK, long time setting up. After a New Orleans' false start, Martin is sacked by Madieu Williams on a blitz. Then, Stecker runs up the middle and gets the ball stripped by Peko. Recovered by the Saints. Then on third and 19, at the NO 24, ERIC HENDERSON strips the pass (also called a ball). Caleb Miller recovers the fumble at the three yard line.

8:30: After a pass interference, Kenny Watson gets the hand off and runs to the left. Second and six, Doug Johnson drops back and throws right to an open T.J., running his typical zig-zag route sets up the Bengals with a third and inches. Johnson hands off to Kenny Watson and comes up short. Bengals kick a field goal to cut the lead 17-6.

8:22: Bengals start first and ten at the CIN31. Palmer and the first team offense is still in the game. Palmer hands off on an end around to Tab Perry for a nice 9-yard gain. Second and one, Palmer hands off to Kenny Watson who had no hole. Third and one at the CIN 35, Palmer drops back to throw a fade to the left intended for Chad Johnson. Pass was over Chad's head. Palmer is just off throwing off his back foot. Bengals punt.

8:17: On first and seven at the CIN 7, Martin hands off to Bush for a minimal gain. On second and goal at the CIN 6, Bush gets the hand off up the middle. Barely touched, Bush easily scores a TOUCHDOWN. Saints lead 17-3.

8:14: On first and 10, McAllister picks up seven yards up the middle. On second and three, at the CIN 15, Martin completes a pass to Campbell -- the second of two BYU tight ends in this game -- for eight yards and a first. Saints call TIMEOUT #1.

8:13: On third and three at the CIN38, Palmer drops back and fumbles the football

8:09: On first and 10 at the CIN31, Palmer throws to the marker man on the right. Seems like Tab Perry was supposed to run a comeback route. On second and 10, Palmer hands off to Watson up the middle for 7 yards. END OF THE FIRST QUARTER.

8:07: Bengals have the ball, first and ten at the 20, on a fake end around to T.J., Palmer hands off to Kenny Watson between the right guard and tackle for nine yards. On second down, Watson gets the pitch and picks up 2 yards to the left.

8:04: On first and ten at the CIN 34, Martin drops back and throws left on a pass tipped by Landon Johnson. Incomplete. On second and 10, Martin stares right and drops off to Patten for a 4-yard gain. Third down and six, at the CIN 30, Martin in shotgun, drops back and gets pressured big time by Justin Smith. Martin throws a harmless incomplete pass behind Reggie Bush. Mare kicks a 47-yard field goal down the middle. Saints up, 10-3.

8:02: After a 47-yard kickoff return by New Orleans, Jamie Martin (backup QB) sets up behind center with a first and ten at the NO 44. Martin hands off to Patten on an end around from left to right for eight yards. On second and two, Martin quickly throws to Copper on a quick slant for 14 yards.

BENGALS SCORING DRIVE: 9 plays, 48 yards, 4:25.

7:56: Chad Johnson is called for a false start. First and 15 at the NO 37, Palmer under center in a standard I-formation, runs a modified stretch play to the left to Rudi Johnson. Rudi broke four tackles before being pushed out of bounds. Rudi looks damn good and damn tough tonight. On second and 11, after Rudi's four-yard gain, Palmer drops back looks right and slings the ball to a WIDE OPEN Tab Perry splitting the cornerback and safety. Overthrown. Third and 11, NO 33, Palmer throws a quick pass to the left attempted to Tab Perry. Perry was hit at the same time the NO defender hit him. Ball fell out. Fourth Down. Shayne Graham attempts, and makes, a 51-yard field goal. Bengals down, 7-3.

7:53: On first and 10 at the NO 44, Palmer handed off to Rudi Johnson up the middle. Will Smith, hoping to make some contact by Daniel Coats, just breezed by dropping Rudi for a no-gain. Then on second and 10, Palmer throws to the left hashmarks to a waiting T.J. and a 9 yard gain. Third and one, standard I-formation, Palmer hands off to Rudi up the middle for a tough first down run.

7:51: On first and five at the Cincinnati 36, Palmer dropped back and completed a pass to his right to a swinging Rudi Johnson for five yards. On second and five, Palmer drops back and throws right to a streaking Tab Perry. There was early contact, but the pass was underthrown. The defender slapped the ball down. On third and five, at the Cincinnati 41, Palmer dropped back and completed a pass to Chad Johnson running a deep out route to the right for 15 yards.

7:49: On the Bengals first play of their second drive, Palmer hands off to Rudi for a nice 6-yard gain. The hole was massive. On second and four, Palmer drops back and completes the pass to a swinging Rudi Johnson for a three yard gain. Rudi made the first tackler miss with a Rudi-like spin move. On third and one, Palmer hands off to Rudi while Stacy Andrews pulling from left to right. Rudi broke two tackles to pick up seven yards and the first down.

7:46: Robert Geathers left with a rib strain. Return doubtful.

SAINTS SCORING DRIVE: 10 plays, 69 yards gained in 4:52.

7:44: On first and goal at the Bengals eight, Brees hands off to McAllister up the middle for the TOUCHDOWN.

7:42: First and 10 at the Cincinnati 19, the Brees hands off to Bush on a stretch to the left. Leon Hall makes a nice open field tackle only allowing Bush a one-yard gain. On second and nine, Brees unleashes a quick pass to the right to Copper running a very short slant.

7:40: After a five yard run by Bush and a 10 yard pass to Cooper, the Saints begin another set of downs. Brees, on first and 10 at the Cincinnati 32, drops back and looks left. Brees completes the pass to Patton for six yards. On second down, the Brees drops back and throws left to Reggie Bush. Again, uncovered.

7:38: On first down and 10, Brees drops back and throws to McAllister who was running out of the backfield uncovered.

7:38: On the Saints first run of the game, Deuce McAllister runs right for no-gain. Then on second down, the Saints run a screen to the right with the guard and full back leading. Reggie Bush picks up "26" yards.

7:36: On 3rd and six, Palmer drops back and throws left way over the head of Tab Perry. Fourth down and Bengals punt.

7:35: On his first run of the game, Rudi Johnson ran right. Charles Grant beat Kooistra down the line and made the stop after a 5-yard loss.

7:34: Bengals, wearing white on white, start at their 20. First down, T.J., on the left, runs a zig-zag route for 9 yards.

7:33: Saints kickoff to the Bengals


KEY PLAYERS making first preseason appearance
Johnathan Joseph (questionable; Leon Hall starting)
Tab Perry

OUT for the first time
Reggie Kelly - TE (out for personal reasons)
Brandon Williams - CB
Earl Everett - LB
Erik Jenson - TE
Kenny Irons - RB

OUT for the second time
Antonio Chatman - WR (hamstring)
Glenn Holt - WR (hamstring)
Jeremi Johnson - FB (hamstring)
Stan White (ankle)
Ethan Kilmer (quad)
Blue Adams (neck)
Sean Mulcahy (neck)
Bobby Blizzard (back)
Tim Day (knee)
Willie Anderson (foot)
Levi Jones (knee)
Jimmy Verdon

UPDATED Lineup Changes
Andrew Whitworth at right tackle for Anderson
Scott Kooistra at left tackle for Jones
Daniel Coats at tight end for Kelly
Chris Manderino for Jeremi

Bengals still missing slew []
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