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Question to you: How should we conduct game day?

The method in which I'm doing Game Day will likely change. I've done the play-by-play for years now but it wasn't always that way. It went from analysis and reaction during the game to just play-by-play. But here's my dilemma. The play-by-play has always helped those vision -- unable to watch the game -- the play while somewhat paying attention to Game Day. In Game Day, you know that Palmer completed a 10-yard pass to Chad Johnson. On here, you know that Chad set up right, ran a hook route and Palmer got rid of the ball just before getting hit. The no-huddle offense makes doing play-by-play, on the internet, one of the most difficult things to do as a blogger. You have to write fast. You can't proof-read and spell check is done once every timeout. And it limits the statistics that I used to generate throughout the game and reduces the amount of instant reaction.

So I'm thinking that I would recap, analyze and provide some sense of imagery on a drive, rather than play-by-play -- hitting on key points like last night after finishing play-by-play. However, I'm a small part in this. I wanted to get an idea of how you guys think that the game posts should be run. Simply having play-by-play? A recap of drives with added stats? Or a suggestion you have in mind?

Let me know either through the email at the right or via comments.