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So you think you can touchdown dance? Chad will decide.

Chad Johnson, the Colt crusher and charitable Pepto administrator, is hosting the Chad Johnson Touchdown Celebration Showdown. You have until August 20 to submit your touchdown celebration video. If you win, you get to wiggle your money maker in front of Chad himself.

Bengals WR Chad Johnson will serve as host for a Yahoo Sports user-generated contest beginning today that seeks the best touchdown celebration. Fans can submit a video up to 30 seconds in length of their own dance moves, spikes or flips for "Chad Johnson’s Touchdown Celebration Showdown" until August 20, after which a Yahoo Sports committee will select five finalists. Voting will run from August 22-September 4, with a winner to be announced on September 6 (Yahoo Sports).

(hat tip to Blez)

Court date for Thurman

Odell Thurman will be in court August 21 for violating probation.

Bobbie Williams smiles wide

Lonne Wheeler talks about the least known, least popular, offensive linemen for the Cincinnati Bengals. Good stuff.

Tight ends dropping like flies

First, Sean Mulcahy suffered a neck injury.
Second, Bobby Blizzard hurt a pre-existing disc in his lower back.

Now Tim Day is on crutches scheduled to have arthroscopic knee surgery Friday. I don't know if I've seen any position, in any sport, have this many injuries in the span half a week.

More impressions

Marvin Lewis speaking highly of...

  • Daniel Coats: "...he has come out here and been a very physical blocker" and he "carries himself very maturely".
  • Chad Johnson: "He is practicing hard; he is stronger and very fast right now," Lewis said. "He is doing a much better job of running the football after he receives it."

Also, Dexter Jackson is playing the leadership role.

"He has really helped me," (Eric) Henderson said. "He wants me to do well. He's my guy."

Games this weekend

This weekend kicks off Hall of Fame ceremonies -- including the Hall of Fame game between the Colts and Saints. If you don't have the NFL Network than you're shutout. Say thanks to the NFL for that. I know it's a standard business practice -- find ways to increase revenue and profits to expand the product. To me, that's contradictory. Because not many businesses shutout their core customers like the NFL does preventing them from obtaining their product. The battle continues between the NFL Network and Time Warner with little known progress.

Personally, I really don't care to have the network. It's not that important to me personally and all the Bengals games will be on television anyway. If I can have it, great. If not, then I won't shed a tear. There's too many things in life to worked up over and the NFL Network isn't one of them.

Locally speaking, the Bengals will kickoff their intrasquad games. On Friday night, at 6:30pm, the Bengals play their annual intrasquad scrimmage that should last roughly two hours. At 1pm on Saturday, the Bengals will play their mock game. It's unknown at this time whether the games will be on local television. However, last year, the intrasquad scrimmage was streamed on