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Vick made a "mistake"?

When you think of Michael Vick, the word "mistake" is hardly a common one. A mistake would be missing an exit on the highway. A mistake would be cooking a steak medium well when you wanted it medium rare. A mistake is misinterpretation of an email because the responder left caps lock on. A mistake is listening to Velvet Revolver with the expectation that it's going to be good.

Chad's opinion differs.

"I love Vick," he said. "Everybody makes mistakes. The president of the United States made a mistake. To everybody that gets to see this: All y'all have made mistakes. Maybe not as big as this one. But we all make mistakes."

Iron Family

Tonight was supposed to be the David Jr vs. Kenny Irons brother match-up.

The Bengals Farm Maze

For $6, you can guide through this maze for boxes and Bengals trivia. Pretty sweet.