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Preseason Game #3: Bengals @ Falcons -- plus Fantasy Draft

GAME: Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (1-1)
WHEN: Monday, August 27, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.
SB NATION: The Falcoholic

5 Q's with Dave, plus press releases
5 Q's with me
NFL Game Center
Bengals lose, 29-27 in 2006

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  • Falcons, 7-0. Harrington, 28-yard pass to Jennings.
  • Bengals, 7-7. Palmer, 8-yard pass to Chad with 8:35 left in the second quarter.
  • Falcons, 14-7, Harrington completes a 12-yard pass to Norwood.
  • Bengals 13-14, Palmer completes 7-yard pass to Daniel Coats.
  • Falcons, 17-13, 37-yard field goal by Billy Cunidff.
  • Falcons, 24-13, 1-yard run by Mughelli

INJURY UPDATE: Shayne Graham has hip pointer.
INJURY UPDATE II : Dexter Jackson is out for the game... supposedly a concussion.
INJURY?: Both Andrew Whitworth and Levi Jones. Whitworth, around 4:06, was VERY slow to get up. Levi Jones, on 3-15-CIN14, was bull rushed and limped very gingerly off the field.

UPDATE: First teamers are out. So we'll just be taking notes at this point. No more drive summaries.

  • Levi Jones was toasted by Marcus Wilkins and the pass, while appeared to be a fumble, was just an incomplete pass. Andrew Whitworth was VERY slow to get up, but did get up and stayed in. Then, Levi Jones came off the field limping after a 3-10-CIN14 with 4:00 left in the 3rd quarter.
  • The eight-play, 63-yard drive ended with a long-delayed touchdown signal helped by a 17-yard pass interference call on Marvin White.

Bengals first teamers are still in. All of them. Totally, nothing happened. Three and out. Awful drive. Wouldn't be surprised to see them back in. Although injury would make anyone nervous.

After a stumbling 7-yard run, Norwood got RIPPED by Landon Johnson in the backfield for a one-yard loss.
Then the Bengals call a timeout with 13:07 left in the third after Horn catches an 11-yard reception converting a third for first down.
After a quick 7-yard pass to White and false start, Joey Harrington, third down, scrambles up the middle and threw a rocket for first down.
On the next play, Harrington threw a perfect pass to White who simply dropped the touchdown pass. Should have been seven.
On 3-6-CIN19, Harrington dropped back attempted a short pass to Joe Horn. GREAT job by Landon Johnson to make contact at the exact moment the pass contacted Horn. Incomplete. Falcons kick field goal.

Nice job by Rudi Johnson, 12 rushes for 65 yards -- including a 33-yard run. He cut the edges well.
Chad Johnson was very Chad-like with 5 receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown -- including a 31-yard reception.
Carson Palmer looked better. He's been off all preseason. Tonight, he's 15-21 for 136 yards and two touchdowns.

Drive Summaries

My DRAFT, thus far.

QB - Peyton Manning
RB - Cedric Benson
RB - Fred Taylor
RB - Brandon Jacobs
WR - Deion Branch
WR - Mark Clayton
WR - Hines Ward
WR - Isaac Bruce
TE - Dallas Clark
TE - Heath Miller
D - San Diego

Nothing much happened except sack on Harrington and Peko. Bengals called a timeout for some odd reason with :06 left in the half.

1:37 left in the half with two timeouts. What do they do?
First play, Palmer drops back and throws a swing pass to T.J. for two yards.
Second play, Palmer drops back and throws an incomplete to T.J. Palmer and T.J. miscommunication.
Third play, 3-and-8-CIN33 at 1:19, Palmer in shotgun, throws a hot read after eight blitzing. Pass falls incomplete.
Bengals punt.

1:52 left in the half.
First pass, out of bounds to Jenkins. Incomplete.
Second pass, Harrington throws away being smashed by Miller. No intentional grounding.
Third pass, Harrington has ball tipped at the line of scrimmage by Caleb Miller. Incomplete.

On the first play, Palmer dropped back and pump faked to the right. Palmer released and threw to Chad (running slant and go) who was wide open for 31 yards.
Palmer drops back, fakes left and throws a fast ball to Daniel COATS over the middle. TOUCHDOWN.
BENGALS TIMEOUT - 2 point conversion was missed because of an injury to Shayne Graham.

John Thornton made a nice sack. After Harrington couldn't find anyone to throw to, Thornton made his way into the backfield after battling his guy for the sack. Then, third-and-19, the Falcons run draw and punt. Nice. Three and out.

Levi Jones returns. Rudi Johnson, on the third play of this drive, broke three tackles to pick up 10 yards. Rudi looks really good tonight. However, after making a cut in the backfield on 1-10-CIN44, Rudi lost two yards. The Bengals went short pass over the middle to Reggie Kelly and then incomplete.

After an incomplete pass, Harrington found Crumpler running underneath around the supposed region of the linebackers for 29 yards. Then on the next play, Harrington dumped a pass to Norwood, tip-toeing the sidelines for the touchdown.
The Bengals pass defense is as usual. Horrible.

Good start to the drive. On first down, Palmer quickly passes to T.J. running his customary zig-zag route for 4 yards. Then it's RUDI time. A run to the left, off a great block by T.J., gains five yards (after an offside by the defense) for five yards and the first down. Then on first down, Rudi gains another four yards -- with another offsides giving the Bengals a 2nd-and-1. Rudi ran into a pile and picked up the second first down of the drive.
NOTE: This "improved" Game Center, is awful. Often the names are wrong and the updates are much longer.
After a quick 3-yard pass to Jeremi Johnson (in the right flats), the Bengals were flagged for illegal use of the hands by #73 -- that's Adam Kieft who's not in the game tonight. Of course, the horrible NFL Game Center says it's Curtis Brown (#34 -- third running back).
On 2nd-and-17, Rudi found a nice hole to the right for 9 yards. On an incomplete third down, Whitworth jumped early allowing the Bengals a second chance at third down. After a great 22-yard pass on 3rd-and-13, Rudi picked up five yards off the left edge. He's looking good by cutting the edges. Then, after two incomplete passes, Palmer completes a pass to the dependable T.J. Houshmandzadeh for six yards on 4-and-5.
3rd-and-6, the Bengals hand off to Rudi Johnson with a WIDE OPEN hole to the right. Bobbie Williams just OWNED his man.
On the first play post TO, Rudi on counter, took too many side steps and lost a yard.
BENGALS TOUCHDOWN: Palmer dropped back and threw to the back of the endzone over the middle to Chad Johnson.
On the drive, the Bengals went 3/4 on third downs and 1/1 on 4th down. The drive went 17 plays, 83 yards in 9:53.

After Justin Smith dropped Warrick Dunn for no gain, the Falcons went five-wide with Harrington in shotgun. The quick pass to Michael Jenkins for 9 yards. Great job by Ahmad Brooks. On his rush blitz, Brooks forced Dunn to bounce to the right into the arms of Dexter Jackson. Then on a second down play, Dexter Jackson tried to take down Alge Crumpler and lost his helmet and mouth piece. To say Jackson is woozy, would be an understatement.
NOTE: Jackson remained down after attempted tackle on Crumpler.
CONTINUED: On the next play, Dunn lost three yards after Justin Smith outran the left tackle and brought down Dunn with the manly strength of Justin Smith.
TIMEOUT: Falcons timeout #1.
CONTINUED: After a 12-yard reception, Dunn picked up 5-yards on third down. After a 5-yard illegal contact on Madieu Williams and a 5-yard loss by Dunn, Harrington made a nice pass to Jennings for 28 yards and the touchdown.

The first play of the drive, Rudi ran to the left. The blocking started well, but too many free roaming backers and secondary stuff Rudi for minimal, if any, gain. After a six-yard pass to Chad Johnson, Palmer was sacked by the rookie Anderson. On the rush, over Scott Kooistra -- pushed backwards losing his balance -- Anderson forced Palmer to the turf. Bengals offense goes three and out.
NOTE: Whitworth's false start took the Bengals from 3rd and 4 to 3rd and 9.

Joey Harrington, on the first play of the drive, faked a hand off and scrambled in the pocket. Finally, John Thornton brought Harrington down for a sack. Johnathan Joseph, on a quick pass to the left for Alge Crumpler, did a good job slowing up the massive body giving Ahmad Brooks and Caleb Miller time to bring him down. Good job by the Bengals defense for the three-and-out.

Rudi, on the second play of the drive, with quality blocking ran straight off the right edge for 33 yards. On the third and nine play, Palmer dropped back and threw a pass towards T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Palmer expected T.J. to turn around while T.J. just ran, what appeared to be, a streak route. Quickly, the drive started well with a quick pass to Johnson for 16 yards on a comeback route. Rudi, after his 33-yard pickup, lost four yards after good penetration by the Falcons D.

Third Down Conversions

Bengals Sit. Result   Falcons Sit. Result
1 3-9-ATL44 Incomplete to T.J. Punt.   1 3-15-ATL16 Run to Dunn. Punt.
2 3-9-CIN42 Palmer sacked, Punt..   2 3-1-CIN33 Run to Dunn, 5-yard gain.
3 3-13-CIN38 Palmer completes 22-yard pass to Chad.   3 3-19-ATL9 Run by Norwood for 2 yards.
4 3-5-ATL35 Incomplete pass to Tab Perry.   4 3-10-ATL30 Incomplete to Horn.
5 3-6-ATL25 13-yard run by Rudi.   5 3-4-ATL38 Norwood run for 5 yards.
6 3-6-ATL8 TOUCHDOWN, 8-yard to Chad.   6 3-4-ATL46 Harrington complete pass to Horn for 11 yards.
7 3-5-ATL49 Incomplete to Chad.   7 3-8-CIN41 Harrington completes 18 yard pass to Jenkins
8 3-8-CIN33 Incomplete to T.J.   8 3-6-CIN19 Incomplete pass to Horn.
9 3-6-CIN31 Palmer sacked. Punt   9    
10       10    


  • Marvin White, pass interference. Penalty went 17 yards and the ball a tthe one.
  • Lemar Marshall lined up in the neutral zone.
  • Andrew Whitworth, false start on third down. This time, Palmer completed a 22-yard pass converting the first down.
  • Bobbie Williams, illegal use of hands
  • Madieu Williams, illegal contact.
  • Andrew Whitworth, false start on third down. Went from 3rd-and-4 to 3rd-and-9. No conversion, Bengals punt.
  • Caleb Miller, illegal block above the waist on opening kickoff return.


  • Dexter Jackson remained down after attempted tackle on Alge Crumpler. Jackson went to the lockerroom under his own power.
  • Shayne Graham was taken to the lockerroom after an unspecified injury.
    UPDATE: Right hip pointer.

SITE STUFF: Tonight, while the game is going on, I'll be drafting for my fantasy league. I didn't plan for that. I'll keep you updated here, on whom I choose. First pick is #2. Likely, unless convinced otherwise, I'll be drafting either LT (so not likely) or Peyton Manning. Bring me your suggestions...

#2: This will be the first time I've used this format. So it's probably going to be a messy experiment until we get some system in order. Suggestions on how this is run are always welcome in the comments are via my email to the right -- especially my email if you plan on being really mean to me. I'm impressionable, you see.

#3: If you're far from the Queen City, drop us a line. Say hello. I know some of you come from beyond these country's borders. Tell us who you are...

Pregame Personnel (from and Curnutte's blog)
Levi Jones will dress, but Andrew Whitworth will start.
Caleb Miller is starting due to Rashad Jeanty who's out with a calf injury -- Landon is moving to strong-side and Miller will start at weak-side. Scott Kooistra will start for Willie Anderson and Bryan Robinson starts for the injured Robert Geathers.

Out: Robert Geathers, Chris Perry, Antonio Chatman, Herana-Daze Jones, Earl Everett, Glenn Holt, Adam Kieft, Tim Day, Ethan Kilmer, Jimmy Verdon, Willie Anderson and Blue Adams.

How do I keep tabs?
I watch the game on television, listen to the radio and confirm yardage and other loose ends with's Game Center. All things published on Game Logs originate from any of those sources.