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Tab Perry should be alright, Bengals roll their top 40 moments

Tab Perry, after having his hip checked out Thursday, will "probably" miss the remaining practices and games this weekend to rest his hip, Hobson reports Perry's agent as saying.

Bo Jackson suffered the same injury as Perry and retired after suffering a degenerative hip. Luckily, doctors and team personnel have expressed that Perry's injury wasn't as serious.

Glenn Holt, during Thursdays practice, was out of uniform watching from the sidelines after suffering a hamstring injury Wednesday night.

You know, Chad is humble, no seriously

Some Bengals fans really don't like it when Chad opens his yap -- "just shut up and play" some are heard shouting on the local sports radio. Since Chad came along between 2002 and 2003, he's been nothing but a breath of fresh air. Sometimes he takes the bulk of frustration -- some justified, some not. But his antics usually (not including playoff game #1 in 2005) keeps people in good spirits.

But if he scores against Baltimore, you're going to have the laugh of a lifetime.

"I'm going back to the old '05 Chad — the talking, the celebrating, the getting fined — all that," Johnson said during a recent break at training camp. "It's going to be a very entertaining, but productive, got-to-get-to-the-playoffs season. I want to carry the load. I'm going to make sure we get it done."

"I tried to change," he said. "I tried to be quiet. I tried not talking, playing what the outside world would call the humble role. This year, I'm going to play what the outside world would call the arrogant role. I call it confidence. Me being me, It's tough to walk the line between arrogance and humility. But I do back it up with my play, except for the last few weeks of the (2006) season.

"It's stupid to say. Some people aren't going to like it. But I set money aside (for fines). I did it in 2005. This is a year to entertain everyone around the world. Week 1, if I touch the end zone, you will laugh for a lifetime. Marvin might sit me down for the next game. But you will laugh."

Bengals intrasquad scrimmage

The game will be aired on 1530 AM. I will listen and post notes either at the game's conclusion or Saturday morning.

Linebacker cut

Carmeron Siskowic was waived by the team Thursday. See Siskowic signs post here.

Tight end signed

This week, three tight ends went down that could see significant rehab time. So the team signed a 6-7, 256-pound tight end from Yale, New Orleans and Tampa Bay. Nate Lawrie -- career: 15 games, two receptions, 32 yards receiving -- holds the season (72 receptions) and career receiving (116 receptions) records at Yale as a tight end. He once caught 16 passes against Colgate during the I-AA playoffs.

Irons will be the future Iron man

Kenny Irons is appearing to be a great pick up. Not just for his abilities, but his approach as a team guy. Rudi Johnson and Kenny Watson are helping the "pup" and Irons is proving to have that iron man mentality.

"Any time we put pads on, it's going to be real physical," Irons said. "You've just got to get used to it. When I get myself back in that groove and get used to the contact, I'll be myself again — running hard, running physical and making people miss. That's the way I like to run the football."

The top 40 moments is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bengals football by remembering the 40 most memorable moments in team history. Today, moment #40, remembers the Bengals 58-48 win over the Cleveland Browns when Deltha O'Neal returned an interception in the closing moments for a touchdown that sealed the win.

I wrote for BengalsZone at the time. Here's that trip down memory lane.