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Perry to return? Is paying full price for preseason game #4 like ownership stealing?

Marvin Lewis planted a seed into injury-worried fans by saying it's possible that Chris Perry could avoid the PUP and make the 53-man roster. In 2005, Perry's most healthiest season, the running back added a new dimension with his speed and skills. It appeared at the time the Bengals would have their own version of the two-back system -- the newest NFL trend. If he's back, this offense instantly improves. That doesn't change the fact that we'll hold our collective breaths each time he touches the ball.

Other injuries

In the article linked above, Hobson ran through some injury updates.

  • Shayne Graham should be ready for the first game of the year on Monday Night against Baltimore. Recently acquired Aaron Elling will handle kicking duties tonight (Friday).
  • Willie Anderson "may not play Friday."
  • Johnathan Joseph's foot is in a boot for "resting purposes". Should be ready for season opener.
  • Rashad Jeanty had a procedure on his lower leg and will be sidelined for "a couple of weeks".
  • Ethan Kilmer underwent surgery to have his "knee cleaned out." Could start the season on PUP.
  • Antonio Chatman will likely find himself on the PUP after injuring "his hamstring right away during training camp".

Other musings


"I'm speechless to have him back I'm so happy."
- Reggie Kelly on having Willie Anderson back []