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Kitna glad to see old mates again.

I've been unexpectedly away the past few days. So let's run down some old stuff.

It was surprising the total disdain some (not all) Bengals fans had for Jon Kitna. Not only was he class act, a man with strong convictions, but he was also a decent quarterback and a great mentor. For a period of time, pre-Marvin Lewis, he brought the only significant chance, behind Corey Dillon, to win football games. His numbers will never rival those of Carson Palmer. He made some boneheaded decisions, like many players, with his fumbles and weak-handed tosses. All in all, I think he had a relatively successful, if not reborn, time in Cincinnati.

Kitna had a tremendous influence on Carson Palmer and excited to see old mates.

Saints are marching to Cincinnati

The New Orleans Saints will be making their way to Cincinnati for a two team workout.


  • Kenny Irons finished with 65 yards rushing on 10 attempts including a 24-yard run -- which he fumbled.
  • McNeal bounces back after a poor Mock game.
  • Settle down. Even though he's wearing his knee brace, Palmer says nothing is wrong.
  • Rookie secondary looking to make an impact.
  • On Scott Kooistra, Marvin Lewis said:

    "Scott has been a guy that has backed up the spots and obviously he had an excellent scrimmage on Friday night; it's the best football he's been playing," head coach Marvin Lewis said Monday. "He was a guy that now, coming out of there, you feel a lot better about.

    "When he goes in there, he fares pretty well. He's a big, tough guy. He's strong. He comes with the right attitude. He's an extremely hard worker."

  • Hobson has great pieces on Landon Johnson and Domata Peko. He also talks linebackers.