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Bengals trade for Rams quarterback reports that the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that the Bengals traded a draft pick to the St. Louis Rams for quarterback Ryan Fitzgerald. This was in response from this note after the game.

Lewis was not pleased with the quarterback play of Johnson and Jeff Rowe: "It's not good enough to win," he said.

I'm sure the displeasure comes from the first two sloppy interceptions by Doug Johnson. Jeff Rowe threw another pick later. Combined, Rowe and Johnson completed 16 passes on 28 attempts for 123 yards.

QB Comp Att Pct. Yrds TD INT Rating
Johnson 39 68 57.4 407 2 4 60.1
Rowe 18 30 60.0 157 1 1 71.1
Combined 57 98 58.1 564 3 5 63.5

Johnson (5) and Rowe (4) combined for nine sacks.


There's two Jones stories developing. The first is that I believe it would be a mistake to let Herana-Daze Jones go. In three games (sat out against Atlanta), Jones scored 15 total tackles (led team against New Orleans), defended three passes, sacked the quarterback and forced two fumbles. He's becoming the new Kevin Kaesviharn.

Levi Jones is airing his frustrations through the media.

  • "I just think if they were getting me ready for Baltimore, you would think they would be trying a little harder to get me prepared for that."
  • "I'm surprised about a lot of stuff going on and understand none of it. Last week, I took more reps at right tackle than left tackle."
  • "What's that tell you? If they had a starter getting ready for Baltimore Monday night you would think give them as much work as possible, right? So obviously something else is going on, so maybe you can tell me."
  • On his knee. "How did I look out there? Don't I look good enough to start? I've been ready for a couple of weeks."

Now Levi is wondering about his future on this team.
"Who knows? Maybe there's a trade in the works."

Seriously, I doubt that. Jones is simply frustrated and will find his way into the starting lineup.

Quote of the day

Lemar Marshall on being back in Cincinnati.
"It was exciting being part of it. They're saying 'Who-Dey,' just like when I was a kid and they're cheering for you this time."