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I wonder... about the Bengals cut-down day

...why Ed Hartwell was cut.

If you're on a roster bubble, you better contribute to special teams. But I admit, I'm slightly surprised. With Rashad Jeanty most likely down against Baltimore, Ahmad Brooks slow (like a snail) development, Lemar Marshall just joining the team and Andre Frazier mostly a special teams guy, you'd think a healthy Hartwell would only benefit the team. It was even projected he'd start at the middle while Brooks went back to the development-club. But one consistency at linebacker, is that all six have played well, in one form or another, on special teams in the past year.

...if injury and disappointment gave Chatman a roster spot.

Another roster choice surprised me... at first. During the 2006 offseason, the Bengals signed Antonio Chatman to a two-year deal. Before coming to Cincinnati, Chatman played in 48 of a possible 48 games. During 2006, Chatman suffered a hamstring injury in a preseason game against the Packers and missed the first three regular season games. After playing three games (3 receptions for 22 yards), he reaggravated the injury and was placed on IR. This preseason, Chatman hasn't played preseason down and isn't expected to play in the opener against Baltimore.

It makes you wonder why Chatman was given a roster spot. Then you look at group of players that were cut at wide receiver. Bennie Brazell was often injured but didn't show up in preseason games either. Experience beat potential there. Reggie McNeal never adapted to the role and was one of the players arrested last year. He was also riding with Odell Thurman on the night of his DUI. Jesse Holley was the other.

Chris Henry leading the team in receptions and playing all those preseason games was evident of the team's lack of depth at receiver. Therefore, after quietly banging around ideas, you get the picture at why they kept Chatman.

...if you agree with points?

I understand that the team can only keep so many players. In fact, that's basic stuff I should know, right? I liked Xzavie Jackson. It might have simply been an issue of talent, but one thing Jackson had was an awesome motor.

I would have liked to have seen more from Earl Everett. And no, I'm not saying he shouldn't have been cut. He was one of my surprise picks to make the roster. I won't disclose the others. My credibility as a student of Nostradamus might take another hit after predicting Chris Henry would be suspension-free in 2007..

T.J. Wright had outstanding moments this preseason. Against the Colts, he picked off a Josh Betts pass and knocked down several passes. He was placed Injured waivers Saturday meaning if he clears waivers without an injury settlement, then he'll go on the Bengals IR. I missed most of Friday's game so I'm not sure of his exact injury. Hint, hint.