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Gameday: Bengals AT Browns

GAME: Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) @ Cleveland Browns (0-1)
WHEN: Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 1 p.m.
LOCATION: Cleveland
BROADCAST: CBS, 1 pm, Bill Macatee and Steve Beuerlein. Sirius: 122 (Cincinnati) and 121 (Cleveland). Direct TV, Channel 705
SB NATION: Dawgs by Nature Game Center

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Bengals 45, Browns 51 - Final

The Bengals defense proved everyone else right. Monday Night was an aberration. The Bengals offense did what they could against the Browns defense. Palmer threw for six touchdowns to four different receivers. Chad caught 11 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns. Rudi Johnson rushed for 118 yards on 23 carries. Glen Holt had a semi-break out game. The Bengals offense recorded 531 total yards with 33 total first downs. Hell, they recorded 45 points. They still lost by six points.

Is this a case of the defense just being the worst defense in the NFL? Or is this just an aberration in general. One of those games where no matter what you do, the defense will give up yards in chunks. Of memory, only the game against San Diego in 2006 and Cleveland in 2004 were like this one.

Consider this. After giving up 554 yards of total offense, this defense was once again the undoing of this team. I'm sure they'll talk about how they "must do better" -- the typical responses that are only available after a game like this. What can you say? A group of professional defenders played like a horrible high school team having no clue, running around in circles. What's the coaches excuse? "We have to play better." Well, no shit.

We'll examine all of this throughout Monday. For the time being, I'm worn out and emotionally spent and I think my keyboard is throwing in the towel.


Palmer: 31/46, 401 yards passing, 6 touchdowns, 2 INT
Anderson: 20/33, 328 yards passing, 5 touchdowns, INT

Rudi: 23-118 yards rushing
Lewis: 27-216 yards rushing, TD

Chad: 11-209 yards receiving, 2 TDs
T.J: 8-69, 2 TDs
Holt: 5-52 TD
Rudi: 4-33 TD

Rudi: 151 yards total (rushing, receiving)
Holt: 229 yards total (receiving, kickoff return)

Edwards: 8-148, 2 TDs
Winslow: 6-100, TD
Jurevicius: 4-44, 2 TDs

Notes/Drive Summaries.

[4:34] First and ten at midfield, Palmer throws a deep pass to the left to T.J. Pass deflected. Second and ten at midfield with :28 left in the game. Palmer, in shotgun, Palmer throws deep right and the ball is INTERCEPTED by Bodden. Game over.

[4:32] Bengals, first and ten at the CIN9 with 1:03 left in the game. First play, in shotgun, Palmer overthrows T.J. Almost picked off. Second-and-ten at the CIN9 with 1:03 left in the game. Palmer, in shotgun, throws to Rudi out of the flats for about eight yards. Stops the clock out of bounds.

Third-and-two at the CIN17 with :58 left in the game. Palmer out in shotgun, throws to Rudi running in the right flats. First down.

First-and-ten at the CIN 20. Palmer, in shotgun, throws deep OVER THE MIDDLE and comes down with it. Bengals sprint to the line. A Browns player was injured on the field and are forced to take their last time out.

Bengals are at midfield.

[4:30] Third-and-four at the 50. Lewis runs up the middle for no gain. Browns punt. The Browns punter shanked the punt, but rolled inside the 10.

[4:25] First-and-ten at the CLE44, Lewis picks up a yard. Clock ticks. Anderson hands off to Lewis up the middle for five yards.

[4:22] Second-and-eight at the CLE36. Anderson fakes the handoff and throws to Vickers who DROPPED THE BALL!!!! Clock stops. Third-and-eight at the CLE36, Anderson completes a pass for SEVEN YARDS, BALL OUT. BROWNS RECOVERED. S#@T. There's NO WAY the Browns converted the first down. NO WAY. Edwards caught the pass and Miller and Jackson stood up Edwards. Edwards hurt.

After measurement, the Browns pick up the first down. Bull. Bengals call timeout.

[4:20] Shayne Graham kicks deep rather than onsides. Probably a good decision. Browns start first and ten at their own 34. On the first play, Anderson hands off to Lewis who picks up minimal after a great ankle tackle by Thornton. Bengals call timeout. One left.

Quick Stat: Palmer has six touchdown passes today... and still down by six points.

[4:17] After a rainbow over throw to Chad towards the back left endzone, Palmer drops back and throws a rocket into the hands of Glen Holt. The window to complete that pass was SMALL. First career touchdown for Holt.

[4:15] Holt walked off the field on his own. Cramps, definitely. Bengals have first-and-ten at the 50. Palmer drops back looks right and throws left to T.J. Incomplete. T.J. isn't much of a clutch receiver today. It would have been a tough grab though. On second and ten, Palmer drops an easy catch. Offense is dying.

Third and ten at the 50. Palmer in shotgun, throws way over T.J.'s head. Incomplete. On fourth and ten at the 50, Palmer in shotgun throws right and hits Chad -- wide open -- on the right sidelines picking up 32 yards.

First-and-ten at the CLE18, Palmer, with four receivers (two on each side) floats a pass into the endzone to Skyler -- wide open. Pass overthrown. On second down, Palmer drops back and throws behind Reggie Kelly around the five yard line. Incomplete.

Third-and-10 at the CLE18, Palmer, with four receivers, drops back to T.J. on the right. He shakes Bodden out of his shoes and picks up a few more yards and the first down.

[4:09] Bengals have first-and-ten at the CIN36. Palmer drop back and hit Reggie Kelly in the slot for seven yards. Running hurry up, Palmer drops back and hits Holt -- who came up limping and then falling back onto the ground. Holt gained six yards. Cramps?

[4:06] First and ten at the CIN23, Anderson completes an 18-yard pass to Winslow. Williams was covering and just gave up. No, this entire Bengals defense gives up. First-and goal at the six, Lewis runs left and picks up five. Second-and-goal at the one, Lewis is stuck at the line of scrimmage. Third-and-goal at the one, Anderson fakes the handoff and throws through the back of the endzone. Browns kick Field Goal.

[4:02] Browns start with a first-and-ten at the CLE30. Well, Jamal Lewis. After several broken tackles, Lewis runs for 47 yards. Lewis now has 203 yards rushing.

Browns have first-and-ten at the CIN23. Cleveland calls timeout.

[4:00] Bengals offense starts with first-and-ten at the CIN35. Palmer drops back and feels pressure. Rolls out right. He dumps it to Rudi for about a nine yard pick up. On second-and-one, Rudi picks up six yards and a first down.

First-and-ten at the 50. Palmer drops back and throws a low pass to T.J. Incomplete. T.J. sat on his knees waiting for the pass. On second-and-ten, Palmer drops back and throws to T.J. who just dropped it. Two passes, back-to-back that could have been completed that weren't.

Third-and-ten at the 50. Palmer, in shotgun takes the snap. Delay of game. Third-and-15 at the CIN45. Palmer, in shotgun, throws a deep pass to Chad Johnson about 15 yards deep out. Incomplete. Chad couldn't get his right foot down. Bengals punt.

[3:54] Bengals defense is just embarrassing. Sickening.

Browns have first-and-ten at the CIN48. Anderson faked a handoff to Lewis and rolled out right. Anderson completes the pass to Vickers who spun out of a Marshall tackle for 11 yards. First and ten at the CIN37, Anderson drops back and hits Edwards wide open -- seriously, there was NO ONE around Edwards. Edwards jumped to make the catch and fell to the ground. Without being touched, Edwards rolled into the endzone. That's Edwards' second touchdown and Anderson's fifth.

Browns lead, 48-38.

[3:50] Browns start the drive at their own eight yard line. On the first play of this very critical drive, Lewis takes the hand off and runs left for minimal gain before Smith makes the stop. Second and seven, Anderson fakes the handoff and hits Heiden WIDE OPEN for 27 yards over the middle. He got by the Bengals linebackers well in front of the secondary. Then after Williams and Geathers missed tackles, Lewis picked up 14 yards. Here we go again. Browns call timeout.

[3:44] First-and-ten at the CIN49, Palmer quick passes left to T.J. for about three yards. On second-and-seven, Palmer hurries up the offense and hands off to Rudi over Stacy Andrews for about five yards.

Third-and-two at the CLE43, Palmer calls a ton of instructions at the line. He drops back and is forced out of the pocket. He rolls right and incompletes the pass to Kelly. He could have had his feet in. But it didn't matter. He would have been two yards short anyway. Bengals punt.

GREAT PUNT BY LARSON. The ball was punted to about 3 yard line and bounced backwards to around the eight yard line.

[3:39] Third-and-six, CLE 46, Anderson completes a five-yard pass to Jurevicius. Great job by Leon Hall to refuse the first down. Browns go for it. Big play of the game: Browns line up big, Anderson hands off to Vickers (full back, up back, etc) and THERES NO WAY HE GOT IT. Bengals ball.. short by 2-3 chain lengths. Defensive play of the game if the Bengals win... better yet, Bengals actually play defense play of the game.

[3:35] First and ten, ball at the CLE42, Lewis hits a wall of Bengals defenders. Thank god. On second-and-ten, Anderson completes a short pass to Edwards for four yards. END OF THE THIRD.

FYI: I'm worn out!

[3:34] On the first play, Palmer drops back and hits T.J. for a quick 7-yard gain. On second-and-three at the CIN44, Palmer hands off to Rudi and jukes away from a backfield tackle for a 7-yard gain. First and ten at the 50, Palmer drops back looks right and then fakes left and scrambles for 11 yards. First-and-ten at the CLE39, Palmer drops back looks middle and then hits Daniel Coats running an out pattern for 4 yards. Second-and-ten at the CLE35, Palmer hits Holt on a quick pass (Holt didn't move) and picked up eight yards. First-and-Ten at the CLE27, Palmer hands off to Rudi with room. Rudi picks up eight. Second-and-two at the CLE19, the Bengals are called for false start on Whitworth.

Second-and-seven at the CLE24, Palmer hands of to Rudi stretching out to the left. Reggie Kelly was making his block deep in the backfield. Rudi loses three yards.

Third-and-10 at the CLE27. Palmer, with four wide outs, drops back looks right and throws over the middle of the field to Chad. What a THROW. What a CATCH for 22 yards.

First and ten at the five yard line, Palmer fakes to Rudi and COMPLETES A TOUCHDOWN pass to T.J over the finger tips of Eric Wright.

Palmer is 23/27 for 284 yards passing and five TOUCHDOWN passes. Rudi is 21-107. Chad is 9-147 with 2 touchdowns. T.J. is 6-55 and 2 touchdowns.

[3:25] Bengals coverage teams are doing better. So good in fact, that they don't figure to kick to the return guys because of their awesomeness by kicking squib kicks. First-and-ten at the CLE 34 and Jamal Lewis just ran 66 yards over the left and scores a touchdown. Unreal. Not one Bengals defender could track down Lewis. Lamar Marshall was the closest guy to make a tackle and he was being blocked. Freak.

[3:20] Bengals, on the first play, line up with five receivers. At the snap, Skyler Green drops back and receives the Palmer pass. He fumbled the pass, while finding lanes to run through, and finally hauled it in for 18 yards.

On the next play, 1st-and-10 at the CLE16, Rudi rushed for barely anything. It was just a big wall. On the second rush attempt in as many tries, Rudi had nothing and picked up another yard. On third-and-eight at the CLE14, Palmer drops back and hits Chad Johnson for the TOUCHDOWN. Chad jumped in the Dawg Pound and got drenched in beer and several birds flipped in his face. Nice.

[3:16] Holt, NICE RETURN! Finding and picking holes, Holt answers the Browns with a 65-yard return to the Cleveland 30.

INJURY UPDATE: Johnathan Joseph is having x-rays on his wrist. Doubtful to return.

[3:12] After review, the play stands. First down. Left foot came in and the right foot dragged VERY close to the sidelines. First and ten at the CLE45, Anderson hands off Lewis picking up ten yards. Justin Smith was dragged about a good 4 yards.

First-and-ten at the CIN45, Leon Hall came up and stuck Lewis for a three-yard gain. On second down, Lewis stretches out left and JOHN THORNTON hits and drops Lewis for about a two-yard loss.

Third-and-nine from the CIN44, Anderson completes a 10-yard pass to Winslow. The tight end sprinted up and then out and had enough room from O'Neal for the easy completion.

First and ten at the CIN34, Anderson drops back, fakes to the left and completes a deep 34-yard pass to Edwards down the left sidelines. He had at least two steps on Leon Hall. Dexter Jackson was late providing help.

Browns lead, 34-24. Unreal. The Browns are just imposing their passing will against the Bengals pass defense. There's absolutely no pass rush.

[3:07] On the first play of the drive, first-and-ten at the CLE22, Lewis fights hard for his four yards. Then on second down, Anderson dumps it off to Lewis on a screen pass to the right, and the ball was thrown too hard falling incomplete bouncing off Lewis' hands.

In shotgun, Anderson throws deep to the right for 19 yards. There's NO WAY he completed that pass. There's NO WAY he got both feet down.

Marvin challenges the call.

They showed a replay and wow. He got one foot down and dragged the other. It "appears" to be complete.

[3:00] On first and ten at the Browns 25, Rudi runs left picking up 14 yards. First and ten at the CLE 11, hand off to Rudi powering his way for another eight yards. The dude is carrying Browns defenders. Well, not carrying, but dragging. Second-and-two at the Cleveland 3, Palmer hands off to Rudi who barely makes it to the one-yard line. Just short. Three straight runs to the left. Third-and-one, Palmer sneaks. Didn't make it.

Fourth and inches at the one-yard line and the Bengals kick a field goal. A field goal? Whatever. Bengals 24, Browns 27.

[2:55] Nice KICK. Shayne Graham kicked an angle squib into the endzone. Touchback. Take out the Bengals coverage teams. Good.

INTERCEPTION, BENGALS: On first down, the Browns lined up single back with two wide to the right. Anderson tried to squeeze a pass to Edwards. Cover two, Dexter Jackson jumped the pass for an interception.

First half analysis
Bengals offense is doing a fine job moving the ball. Other than a punt and two turnovers, they really are moving the ball with ease. However, the Browns, minus the turnovers, are moving with ease through the air. The Bengals rush defense has mostly contained Lewis. Take away the 31-yard run and Lewis has 11 carries for 27 yards (2.4). The Browns have picked up the Bengals blitzing well. I would expect the Bengals defense to blitz less. It's just not working, to allow more coverage in the secondary.

Bengals coverage teams have allowed two long, long returns. Luckily one was called back due to a penalty.


Palmer: 16/20, 206 yards passing, 3 touchdowns, INT
Anderson : 10/19, 155 yards passing, 3 touchdowns.

Rudi: 13 carries for 70 yards.
Lewis: 12 carries for 58 yards (31 yard longest)

Chad: 7 receptions for 111 yards receiving and a touchdown.
T.J. 4 receptions for 43 yards and a touchdown.

Winslow: 4 receptions for 72 yards receiving and a touchdown.
Edwards: 3 receptions for 44 yards.
Jurevicius: 3 receptions for 39 yards receiving and two touchdown.

[2:42] On the first play of the you-gotta-go fast drive, Palmer completes a quick pass to T.J. for seven yards. On second down, Palmer dumps off a screen to Watson. ON third-and-two, Palmer completes a pass quick pass to T.J. running a curl route. Bengals call their final timeout with :11 left.

Palmer, in shotgun, throws a deep pass, 25 yards, down the right sidelines and failed to get out of bounds. Just collapsed. Should have rolled out of bounds. Could have had 7-8 seconds left on the clock. Half-time.

[2:37] Browns have 1st-and-10 at the CIN48 to start the two minute drive. Anderson completes a quick pass to Winslow to the left for about eight yards. Play #2. Weird play. Anderson completes a pass to Edwards. The ball was deflected and Edwards fell onto his left side -- like reading a book in bed. The ball just fell into Edwards basket. Crazy. Browns call timeout #3 with 1:11.

First and ten at the CIN 25. Anderson drops back and completes a pass to Winslow running a deep posting pattern. Joseph was just beaten. Badly. Too easy. Winslow wasn't touched from off the line until after scoring. Touchdown. Browns lead 27-21.

Defense looks really bad. They are not physical at all. Anderson has plenty of time to pass.

[2:31] After a quick no-gain pass to Edwards, Lewis hits the hole and Johnathan Joseph made a weak attempt to tackle Lewis about 7 yards past the line of scrimmage. Lewis picked up 31 yards. Two minute warning.

[2:29] Wow. Bengals kickoff coverage is horrible. Darrin Simmons. Fix this. Just horrible. There was a block in the back by the Browns that will negate a 97-yard return.

[2:26] After a minimal gain on Rudi, Palmer pulled out of center without the ball. Defensive offsides. Nice. Close though. Palmer was coming out as if the snap was on one. Should have been on Palmer. On second-and-three, Rudi with a hole, spins and shakes for nine yards. Willie Anderson slow to get up. The, on first down, Palmer throws deep down the left side to T.J. who was WIDE OPEN. Overthrow. Palmer got DROPPED by Roye. Andrews was blocking. On second-and-ten, Palmer drops back with a TON OF TIME and overthrows T.J., again. Flag on Eric Wright. Illegal contact.

Bengals have first-and-ten at the CLE17 with 3:48 left in the half. Palmer hands off to Rudi for a no-gain.

BENGALS TOUCHDOWN. Palmer fakes a handoff, fakes an end around and threw DEEP to the left side of the endzone. Chad was just sitting there. Seriously. Just sitting there. No one around him. Chad faked a Dawg Pound leap but pulled back by Reggie Kelly. Bengals lead 21-20.

This is the third Bengals touchdown drive without a third down.

[2:19] On first down, Palmer drops back and hits T.J. on a curl route. On second and short, Palmer airs a long pass to Glen Holt. Holt was blown up and is down. Flag is down. Looks like helmet to helmet. They are working on Holts head. He's moving his legs and arms though. Personal foul on the defense, helmet to helmet. Pool made the hit and came up loopy. Pool dropped his helmet and launched like a missile. Hold is up and on the sidelines.

Way to go Holt. The courageous receiver picks up 22 yards. Trainers are working on his neck.

Quick NOTE: Palmer is 7/7 for 92 yards and 2 TDS on the two Bengals touchdown drive.

[2:16] The woes of Bengals special team return continues. Cribbs returns the kickoff 85 yards down the left sidelines to the Bengals 11 yard line. It was saved on a Leon Hall tackle. Then on first down, Lewis picks up two yards through the middle. Second-and-eight at the CIN9, Anderson drops back and throws right a mile over Edwards head -- who was open. Third-and-eight, CIN9, Anderson drops back and hits Jurevicius in the back of the endzone. No defenders around.

So after a seven play drive to take the lead 14-13, the Bengals allow a 85-yard kickoff return and eventually a touchdown. Browns lead, 20-14.

Quick NOTE: With seven minutes left in the first half, Rudi Johnson has 59 yards rushing on 10 carries. Chad has five receptions for 64 yards.

[2:06] Tab Perry walks into the lockerrom. On the first play, Rudi picks up seven yards off the Stacy Andrews. The Bengals, with eight Browns in the box, tried the same run and Rudi lost a yard. On third-and-four at the CIN39, Palmer's hard count had a Brown defender in the neutral zone when Step snapped it and Palmer took a knee. First down on offsides.

Palmer, in single-back, hands off to Rudi with plenty of lanes to run. Willie -- who's back in the game -- and Bobbie opened up a massive hole. On second down, Palmer drops back and throws to the left sidelines who (tap, tap) has great feet -- Cris Cater style. On first down, Rudi hit a pile of Browns defenders, broke a couple of tackles and picked up seven yards.

On second and three, Palmer throws right to Glen Holt running out. First down. Bengals are moving. First and ten at the Cleveland 23, Palmer drops back and airs a rainbow pass to the left side of the endzone. T.J., like Chad, did a tap tap in the endzone. TOUCDOHWN.

Browns CHALLENGE. Touchdown STANDS. Bengals lead 14-13.

This is the second time the Bengals scored on a drive without a third down.

[1:58] The Bengals have two give-aways. Interception by Palmer (first Dawson 39-yard field goal) and Rudi Johnson fumble lost (Browns score touchdown) totaling 10 Browns points. After Tab Perry came off the field holding his left hamstring, the kickoff return was replayed -- offsides on Browns, holding on Bengals. Glen Holt will return.

[1:54] On the second play of the drive, Lewis pitch to the left, Justin Smith forced Lewis to cut and lose three yards. After an incomplete pass -- Landon helped knock the pass incomplete. Browns, thiird-and-13 at the CIN41, convert. Anderson completes a pass to Winslow. The pass was thrown OVER Miller who was in contact with Winslow. Nice play by the Browns. Poor attempt by Miller. After two 2-yard runs by Lewis, the Browns have a third-and-six on CIN17, Anderson drops back and throws a fade to Jurevicius to the back left endzone. Touchdown. Leon Hall covering. Browns lead 13-7.

[1:49] Bengals start the 2nd quarter with first-and-ten at the CIN15. Palmer starts the drive looking left, looking left, then finally scrambling right and completing a pass to Chad. Scott Kooistra is in for Willie Anderson. On second down, Rudi takes the hand off with a MASSIVE HOLE. Flag. RUDI FUMBLED AND BROWNS RECOVER. Flag is holding on Step. Declined. Browns ball. Rudi fumbled. Bull. HE'S DOWN. HE'S DOWN. No challenge? Well, there you go. Already two time outs used. Man, timeout management is junk by the Bengals.

[1:46] First quarter is over. After Palmer's perfect first drive, Palmer is 1/4 with jawing at Chad, an almost intentional grounding (Rudi WAS in the area), sack, overthrow to T.J. and an interception.

[1:43] On the first play, Anderson threw to his right to Edwards running a streak. O'Neal, two steps behind the receiver, accelerated and knocked the pass out of Edwards hands. Great play. Anderson threw again to Winslow running in for 19 yards. First-and-10 at CLE 38, Lewis gets the handoff. All members on the front seven were blocked easily. Williams came in and took down Lewis who looked to bounce back to the left. On second-and-six, Anderson faked the hand off and boot legged to the left. Pass complete to Jurevicius run a quick curl route for 13 yards. Joseph covering.

Anderson completes another pass to Edwards for 20 yards who ran up about 15 yards then in. Joseph, again, covering. Browns hurry up and hand off to Lewis. Smith worked down the line of scrimmage and made the tackle. Second-and-seven, Anderson drops back and throws the ball into the ground.

Third-and-seven at the CIN22, Anderson drops back and intends the pass over the middle but hits Caleb Miller on the chest. Pass incomplete. Dawson kicks 39-yard field goal.

[1:37] On the first play of the Bengals third drive, Palmer completes a quick pass to Chad -- running a curl route to the right picking up 10 yards and a first. Palmer, on the next play, hands off to Rudi. One of the Browns defenders made it into the backfield -- Williams blocking -- and bounced out to the left for two yards. Good job by Rudi to pick up something out of nothing. Then on second down, Palmer was getting pulled on a screen pass -- the guy Whitworth was blocking the guy and he worked around to Palmer AGAIN -- and threw the ball into the ground. No intentional grounding called. Third-and-eight at the CIN35, Palmer sits in shotgun and the Browns call a timeout. Browns timeout #1 with 3:46 in the first quarter.

Third-and-eight at the CIN35, Palmer in shotgun. He unleashes a pass to the left and intended for T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Palmer just over threw T.J. that bounced off a Browns secondary guy. Should have been picked. Bengals punt.

[1:30] The Browns started the drive running Lewis three straight times (7, 2, 1) for their first down of the game. Then Anderson throws a pass to Edwards about 3 yards short of the goalline. Madieu Williams took out Edwards legs and the ball fell incomplete. On second-and-10 at the CIN26, Lewis ran to the left for four yards. Again, Williams made the play. On third-and-five, Anderson dropped back and the football was knocked free. FUMBLE. Anderson picked up the ball and threw the ball to the back right of the endzone. Overthrown. Pass was incomplete, but O'Neal, covering Jurevicius, fell down. Browns kick field goal. Bengals lead, 7-3.

[1:25] On the play action, Browns sacked Palmer. R.Smith sprinted around Whitworth and made the sack. Second-and-17 on CIN20, Palmer hands off to Rudi stretch to the right. No lanes. Rudi cut back over the middle and couldn't find any lanes. Third-and-16 at the CIN21, Palmer, in shotgun with three receivers to the right.... Bengals call #2 with 8:09 left in the first quarter.

Same formation (shotgun, three receivers to the right, Kelly motioned to H-Back). Palmer takes the snap and throws to his left intended to Chad Johnson. The ball was PICKED OFF by Sean Jones. Looks like Chad, running up, out and in didn't run in enough. Palmer jawing at Chad to the sidelines.

[1:19] On second down, of the Browns first drive, Derek Anderson threw a quick slant for incomplete -- way behind him. On the play, Brooks lined up over the center and blitzed. Picked up. Third-and-eight at the CLE39, Anderson skipped a pass to Edwards. Three and out, Browns punt. On first down, Jamal Lewis ran up the middle. Thornton fought off the block and held Lewis up while Smith finished off the tackle.

[1:14] On the drive, Palmer went 4/4 for 50 yards passing and a touchdown. Chad caught two of the four passes for 30 yards receiving. Rudi touched the ball four times for 29 total yards. No third downs. Eight plays, 70 yards in 4:28.

[1:13] Wide open, on 2nd-and-4 on CLE40, Palmer drops back and hits Chad wide open finding a hole in the zone. Then punishing Leigh Bodden, Chad roughs up Bodden and a flag was called for face mask on Johnson. Flag picked up. First down. Bodden owned by Johnson. Then on 1st-and-10, CLE 24, Palmer fakes the hand off to Rudi up the middle and hands off to T.J. running an end around for nine yards. The Bengals are moving the ball easily. In the redzone, with 2nd-and-1 on CLE15, Rudi swept wide left for seven more yards.

TOUCHDOWN: Palmer dropped back and checked down to Rudi Johnson running in the left flats. Palmer dumped off the pass and Rudi tight roped the sideline. Bengals up, 7-0.

Video during the drive showed Chad Johnson visiting Dawg Pound before the game meeting the crowd. Hugs and cheers man, hugs and cheers.

[1:06] On the first play of the game, Palmer drops back and hits Chad Johnson, splitting a zone, for 14 yards to the right. Chad had to jump up to haul down the pass and fell to the ground on his way down, yo. Setting up three wide, single back, on first-and-10 at the CIN44, Rudi took the hand off to the right. The hole was pushed back on the Browns' nickel package. On 2nd-and-7, Palmer hit Tab Perry lined up right on a quick slant pattern. Bengals call timeout #1 with 13:07 left in the first quarter.

[1:02] Coin Toss: Bengals win the toss (tails) and will receive.


  • Palmer completes 13-yard pass to Rudi Johnson for touchdown (7-0)
  • Dawson kicks 39-yard field goal (7-3)
  • Dawson kicks 39-yard field goal (7-6)
  • Anderson completes 17-yard touchdown pass to Jurevicius (7-13)
  • Palmer completes 23-yard pass to T.J. Houshmandzadeh (14-13). Play was challenged. Play stands.
  • Anderson completes 9-yard touchdown pass to Jurevicius (14-20)
  • Palmer completes 22-yard touchdown pass to Chad (21-20)
  • Anderson completes 25-yard touchdown pass to Winslow. (21-27)
  • Shayne Graham kicks 29-yard field goal (24-27)
  • Anderson completes 34-yard touchdown pass to Edwards. (24-34)
  • Palmer completes 14-yard touchdown pass to Chad (31-34)
  • Jamal Lewis runs 66 yards for the touchdown (31-41)
  • Palmer completes 5-yard touchdown pass to T.J. (38-41)
  • Anderson completes 37-yard touchdown pass to Edwards (38-48)
  • Dawson kicks 18-yard field goal. (38-51)
  • Palmer completes 7-yard touchdown pass to Holt (45-51)

Turnovers (Browns +1)

  • Palmer throws interception to Sean Jones. Browns score three points on the turnover after 39-yard field goal by Dawson (3 points total points on turnover)
  • Rudi Johnson fumbles -- play not challenged. Browns score a touchdown on the turnover (10 points total points on turnover)
  • Anderson interception to Jackson. Bengals kick field goal (3 points total points on turnover)


  • Stacy Andrews, false start
  • Carson Palmer, delay of game


  • Tab Perry shaken up on kickoff return. Holding left hamstring. Walked into the locker room.
  • Glen Holt suffers a helmet to helmet hit. Likely suffering a concussion.

Third Downs

Bengals Sit. Result   Browns Sit. Result
1 3-16-CIN21 Interception.   1 3-8-CLE39 Anderson incomplete to Edwards. Browns punt.
2 3-8-CIN35 Incomplete.   2 3-1-CIN28 Lewis, one-yard run. First down.
3 3-4-CIN39 Offsides by the Browns.   3 3-6-CIN22 Fumble. Incomplete. Field Goal.
4 3-2-CIN34 Palmer completes pass to T.J. for 5 yards.   4 3-7-CIN22 Incomplete. Miller should have picked. Field Goal.
5 3-1-CLE2 Palmer sneaks. Didn't make it. Field Goal.   5 3-13-CIN41 Anderson completes 20-yard pass to Winslow.
6 3-8-CLE14 Palmer completes 14-yard TD pass to Chad.   6 3-6-CIN17 17-yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Jurevicius.
7 3-10-CLE27 Palmer completes 22-yard pass to Chad.   7 3-9-CIN9 9-yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Jurevicius
8 3-2-CLE43 Palmer incompletes to Kelly. Bengals punt.   8 3-6-CLE26 Anderson completes 19-yard pass to Edwards.
9 3-15-CIN45 Incomplete pass to Chad.   9 3-9-CIN44 Anderson completes 10-yard pass to Winslow.
10 3-10-50 Incomplete to T.J.   10 3-6-CLE46 Anderson completes a 5.5 yard pass to Jurevicius
11 3-10-CLE18 Palmer completes 11-yard pass to Chad.   11 3-G-CIN1 Anderson incomplete pass.
12 3-2-CIN17 Palmer completes three yard pass to Rudi.   12 3-8-CLE36 Anderson completes eight yard pass to Edwards. Mythical first down.
        13 3-4-50 Lewis runs for one yard. Punt

Personnel Changes: Ghiaciuc out, Stepanovich to start. Ndukwe inactive, White to dress.
CLEVELAND_ The Bengals had to make that switch on their offensive line before Sunday's game and gave the start to Alex Stepanovich at center in place of the injured Eric Ghiaciuc. Also, Chinedum Ndukwe (hamstring) was put on the inactive list and fellow rookie safety Marvin White dressed for his first NFL game. []

UPDATE: Jones NOT starting.
Despite practicing full go this week, he's not in the starting lineup today for the Bengals. Whitworth gets the starting spot. [Dustin Dow on Curnutte's blog]

Inactive/Out: Eric Ghiaciuc, Antonio Chatman, Chinedum Ndukwe, Jonathan Fanene, Jeff Rowe, Rashad Jeanty, Frostee Rucker, Ethan Kilmer

Starters: We project the starting lineup below based on last week's starters and today's trickle of info.

Uniform: White jersey | White pants

2006 Meetings

Bengals win, 34-17, in regular season game #1 in 2006.
Bengals win, 30-0, in regular season game #2 in 2006

Who's watching? As per this NFL distribution map, most of Ohio, western Kentucky and a few counties in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana. This game appears to reach the fewest amount of people in the country.

Starters (Week #2 is not official)

POS. Week #1 Week #2
QB Palmer Palmer
RB R. Johnson R. Johnson
FB D.Coats (2nd TE) J. Johnson
WR C. Johnson C. Johnson
WR Houshmandzadeh Houshmandzadeh
TE Kelly Kelly
LT Whitworth Whitworth
LG Andrews Andrews
C Ghiaciuc Stepanovich
RG Williams Williams
RT Anderson Anderson
POS Week #1 Week #2
LE Geathers Geathers
DT Peko Peko
DT Thornton Thornton
RE Smith Smith
WB L. Johnson L. Johnson
MB Brooks Brooks
SB Marshall Marshall
SS Jackson Jackson
FS Williams Williams
CB Hall Hall
CB O'Neal O'Neal

How do I keep tabs?
I watch the game on television, listen to the radio and confirm yardage and other loose ends with's Game Center. All things published on Game Logs originate from any of those sources.