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Bengals waive three, set practice squad and the Levi squawking continues

Adding Ryan Fitzpatrick to replace Doug Johnson improves the position. It also helps Fitzpatrick's career no longer being stuck behind Marc Bulger and Gus Frerotte in St. Louis. Ryan, from Turf Show Times, said of Fitzpatrick in an email:

I think he's a good #2 QB. Smart, understands the game, and can fill in capably. I (think) this was more about giving him the chance to be a number two QB (and free up Rams roster space) than anything else.

Mark Curnutte, rarely playing the role of opinionist, said of the quarterbacks in Cincinnati:

I like Ryan Fitzpatrick, acquired in the trade from St. Louis. But the Bengals are in bad shape, even with Fitzpatrick, behind Carson Palmer. I still question the decision to draft Jeff Rowe in the fifth round and invest in him for the relative long term. I think the Bengals were unwisely cheap in not trying to bring back Anthony Wright.

While they might be in "bad shape", they're better than they were Friday night. While I might not use the description of "bad shape", I would say that they'll be fine. And a note of caution, anytime you have to dig into the bag of third-string quarterbacks, you're in "bad shape" anyway.

This Jones back-and-forth is getting ridiculous

Who knew that Levi Jones would be so outspoken about his role on this team. Not a single person projected Jones to be anything more than a starter -- unless injury prevented it. But assumptions and presumptions are taking precedence here. Dare I use the word self-absorbed? No, not right now. But where is this coming from? Is there more to the Jones injury than we know? Is there actually differences between left tackle and head coach? Where the hell is the communication in the lockerroom?

"If he's not going to be the starter, there are a lot of teams that would love to have him," Zuckerman said. "He wants to play. He doesn't want to be a backup."

I suppose the "team" attitude Lewis has been preaching hasn't reach all ears. But again, I'll file this under frustration for now and let it go. What happens when you assume? You make an "ass" out of "u" and "me".

Agent: Jones wants to start []

More moves...

Mark Curnutte, in his blog, says that Blue Adams, Dan Santucci and Quincy Wilson were waived Sunday afternoon. They signed Clinton Dawson to replace Wilson and David Jones to replace Adams. The Bengals also signed Anthony Schlegel -- can't go wrong with those tOSU boys.

Jones is a rookie from Wingate and was the Saints fifth-round pick in the 2007 draft. Dawson was a rookie free agent from Harvard signed by the Colts in the spring. And Schegel was a third-round Jets draft pick from Ohio State in 2006. He played in four games as a rookie with New York and had one special teams tackle

Aaron Elling, Brandon Williams and T.J. Wright cleared waivers and are now on the team's Injured Reserve.

Practice Squad Set

Seven players are now signed to the practice squad.

WR - Bennie Brazell
S - John Busing
TE - Tim Day
OL - Nate Livings and Dane Uperesa
FB - Chris Manderino
DT - Matt Toeaina