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Gameday: Bengals AT Seahawks

GAME: Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-1)
WHEN: Sunday, September 13, 2007 at 4 p.m.
BROADCAST: CBS, Gus Johnson, Steve Tasker. Sirius: 122 (Cincinnati) and 126 (Seattle)
SB NATION: Field Gulls (no love) Game Center

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Bengals 21, Seahawks 24. FINAL

[7:07] Seahawks can just take knees. Seattle wins a game that special teams just beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeloooooooooooooowwwwwwwws.

[7:03] Glenn Holt returns the kickoff, gets hit and Holt fumbles the ball. Seattle recovers.

[7:02] Seattle has Alexander run a stretch to the right. Picks up 14 yards. Then on first down, Hasselbeck throws down the left sidelines to Burleson running a seam route. Touchdown. Joesph was covering underneath while Williams was late helping.

[7:00] Seattle calls timeout. Hasselbeck completed a nine-yard pass to Branch. Branch was in the right slot. He curled and then saw Hasselbeck rollout right after feeling pressure and ran IN. Seattle sets up with a 4th-and-1 at the Cincinnati 36-yard line.

[6:57] After an incomplete, Seahawks are left with a third down and two minutes left at the Cincinnati 45-yard line.

[6:56] After Burleson picked up 15 yards on a pass, Hasselbeck threw a pass that was deflected and caught by Hasselbeck. Then the quarterback fell down and lost the ball recovered by Myers. I have NO idea how this will go. Honestly. If it's complete, then it's possible that either Hasselbeck was down. However, it could be a fumble and the Bengals could have the ball. Officially, the refs called incomplete and Lewis challenged the play seconds after the play was over. Wow. Nevermind. It's not a challengeable play.

Strange if you ask me. Because the defense recovered after the play was determined? I'm calling BS on the refs on this one. That makes NO sense. Not only did Hasselbeck catch it, what does "when" the defense recover have anything to do with it???

[6:52] Wow. Shayne Graham goes ahead and kicks the ball out of bounds on kickoff. Jeez!

For the game, Watson has rushed nine times for 60 yards and a touchdown.

[6:49] The Kenny Watson drive. After 15 and 20 yard passes to Chad Johnson, Kenny Watson, on first down, takes his sixth carry of the game giving him 37 yards rushing for the day. After picking up a yard, Watson gets the hand off on third down and picks up 14 yards. On the next play, Watson rushed eight yards for the TOUCHDOWN. Willie Anderson is down. Enter curse word here.

On the PAT, Bengals lineup empty backfield. Watson motions in the backfield and pitch left. No PAT.

[6:44] Gus Johnson tells us that Rudi Johnson has a hamstring. I always thought he did, but was never sure.

[6:41] Dhani Jones is a man. He's been on a lot of plays. For being a guy that joined the team early this week, making a ton of plays, is awesome. The Seahawks drove down the field and picked up a field goal. The 16-yard reception by Engram, with a 15-yard personal foul, enabled the Seahawks offense to reach the redzone. Jones was featured heavily on this drive making tackles. On third down, Hasselbeck threw a pass to Burleson in the back of the endzone. Trying to keep his feet in bounds, Burleson let the ball drop for an incomplete.

INJURY UPDATE: Rudi Johnson, out in the last drive, is questionable for return. Hamstring injury.

Note: Palmer 12 for his past 27 pass attempts.

[6:29] On third-and-eight, Palmer completes a 10-yard pass to Coats. Coats run up and then in after going in motion pre snap. Bengals set up first down at the five-yard line.

After losing yards on the 7th-8th rush of the game, Palmer fakes a pass and throws the pass to T.J. The pass ricochets into the air. Peterson nearly had a pick but just dropped it. Long story short, incomplete. Bengals set up third-and-goal at the six. Palmer throws to Chad over the middle, but incomplete. Chad complaining about interference. Graham kicks a 24-yard field goal. Bengals lead.

[6:24] On third-and-six at the Seattle 40, Palmer completes a pass to T.J. for 9 yards. That's his 12th reception of the game. Carl Pickens holds the record for most receptions in a game. Then Kenny Watson, on a misdirection, picks up about 12 yards to enter the redzone for the first time today.

[6:21] INTERCEPTION: On 2nd-and-13, Hasselbeck throws a pass down the left sidelines to Burleson. Joseph had position in front of the receiver and missed the interception. The ball went backwards into Madieu Williams hands. Bengals football.

[6:16] End of Three.

[6:13] Ball on the six-yard line, Palmer hands off to Rudi for about two yards giving him a total of -1 yards for the day. On second down, Palmer pitches to Rudi on the left, again. Finally, he's in positives after the five yard gain. On third-and-three, Palmer in shotgun, throws left to Chad running a short out route for 10 yards. First down. Thank goodness.

Then on first down, Palmer throws another incomplete. He threw it deep to the Glenn Holt down the right sidelines double-covered. On second down, Palmer throws a laser to T.J. in massive traffic for 9 yards. On third-and-one from the CIN32, Palmer pitches, again, left to Kenny Watson for about a five yard gain and another first down.

After an incomplete and 5-yard gain by Rudi, Palmer, in shotgun, throws to Reggie Kelly on the right sidelines. The pass was high and Kelly barely got his feet in-bounds. Bengals punt.

[6:04] After a run and pass for nine yards, the Seahawks set up 3rd-and-1 at the SEA29. Hasselbeck sneaks for the first down. After picking up another first down, Alexander picked up six yards to the right and Heller lost a yard on a quick pass to the left. On third-and-5, Hasselbeck is forced to rollout left out of the pocket and throw it well before he wanted to for the incomplete. Bengals ball. For the second time, Green fair caught a kick on the five yard line. WHAT?!

Note: Palmer is making way too many deep throws. More so than usual. Has only completed six passes on his last 16 attempts -- including two interceptions.

[5:59] Palmer fakes the handoff on the first play of the drive and rolls out right finding T.J. for a short four yard gain. Bengals run no-huddle, but not hurry-up. On second down, Palmer overthrows T.J. down the right side. Perhaps it wasn't an overthrow. Jennings (Seattle D) is called for holding T.J.

Bengals set up first down at the Seattle 38. Palmer drops back quickly hits Skyler Green for about 6 yards. After Scott Kooistra was called for illegal formation, Carson Palmer was sacked on second-and-nine. On third-and-16-SEA44, Palmer throws a deep pass directly to Russell. Horrible pass. Russell had several steps on Chad and picked off the pass. Seahawks ball.

[5:52] Seattle shanks the free kick and the Bengals set up at the SEA47. Woot.

[5:50] Eight yards deep in his own endzone, Hasselbeck completes a quick pass to Strong out of the flats. On second down, Marshall BLITZ AND SACKS HASSELBECK IN THE ENDZONE. FREAKING SAFETY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marshall was UNTOUCHED.

[5:48] After the first down that was picked up, Palmer incompletes two passes for a third-and-ten at the SEA40. Stacy Andrews out. Whitworth in at left guard. Palmer in shotgun, throws deep down the left hashmarks to T.J. . He was double teamed and the pass was under thrown. Incomplete. Good coverage. Bengals punt to the Seattle two-yard line.

[5:45] On second down, Palmer hurried a pas to Chad Johnson who was open. The pass was thrown a little out of bounds down the left sidelines.

Bengals set up third-and-ten at the CIN40, Palmer hits Chad for a first down after a 20 yard reception -- . Seahawks brought six guys that was picked up by the offense.

[5:44] On the first play of the half at the Cincinnati 19-yard line, Palmer incompletes to Rudi who swung out right. Pass was a little out of Rudi's reach. On second down, Skyler Green catches a pass. Seriously.

Bengals set up third-and-one at the CIN28. Palmer hands it off to Jeremi Johnson with a BIG hole for 12 yards.

Levi Jones is AT LEFT TACKLE. Willie at right tackle.

Bengals defense is playing the rush real well. Most of the rush attempts by Alexander are met with a collision of big bodies on the Bengals front. The pass defense is another story. There's been several incompletes by the Seahawks that could have gone for long yardage with receivers well ahead of the Bengals secondary. Hall (Engram, 19-yard TD) and Joseph (Branch, 42-yard TD) were covering guys that scored touchdowns.

The Bengals pass offense is as expected. The timing is nearly perfect. Chad dropped a few passes on the Bengals second to last drive before the half. Rudi looks horrible with assists from the offensive line allowing way too much penetration by the Seahawks front seven.


Palmer: 15/20, 225 yards passing, TD, INT
Rudi: 13 rushes for -3 yards
T.J.: 9 receptions, 119 yards receiving, TD
Chad: 5 receptions, 73 yards receiving

Rudi has one receptions for 33 yards. Only Chad, T.J. and Rudi have caught passes.

Hasselbeck: 13/20, 141 yards passing, 2 TDs, INT
Alexander: 9 rushes for 22 yards
Branch: 4 receptions, 65 yards, TD
Burleson: 3 receptions, 36 yards
Engram: 3 receptions, 27 yards, TD

[5:28] With :11 seconds left, Palmer in shotgun, nearly completes a pass to Chad for over 30 yards. Just no room for Chad to keep his feet in. Bengals take a knee and the first half is over.

[5:27] On first down with just over a minute left in the half, Seahawks appear to run out the clock after Alexander rushes to the left for five yards and Weaver runs for two yards. Alexander came off the field appearing to favor his left arm. Seattle sets up with a third-and-two with :28 as the Bengals call timeout.

Hasselbeck, drops back and nearly completes a deep pass to Burleson that would have no doubt been a touchdown. The receiver just dropped it.

UPDATE: Miller is questionable for return after a lower back injury. He's in the lockerroom getting X-Rays.

[5:23] Bengals start the drive with two minutes left in the half at the CIN21. Quickly the offense gets off the field. After an 11-yard completion to T.J. for a new set of downs, Chad drops passes on first (juggled the ball out of bounds) and third down (just bounced off him) and the Bengals punt. I guess that's when people say Chad needs to rise for this team to win.

[5:17] Dhani Jones in for Miller. Seattle has second-and-three at the SEA38. Alexander rushed over the right side for five yards. Jackson gets called for a personal foul, late hit. I've seen that before without being called. But it's probably the right call. Then Hasselbeck looks left and throws deep to Deion Branch. Having a step over Johnathan Joseph, Branch catches the pass for a touchdown.

[5:12]: Miller is hurt laying on his right side hardly moving after Alexander rushed for seven yards. He got off the field very gingerly with some help by trainers.

[5:11] INTERCEPTION. Bengals start with first-and-ten at the CIN37, Palmer fakes the run and rolls right. Palmer threw a deep pass down the right sidelines and the pass was picked on an attempt to T.J. Just a bad decision. It looked like the pass was such a floater, it gave the defender position and time to make the pick.

[5:09] Bengals rush defense continues to clog lanes. After Alexander rushed for three yards on the first play -- into a pile of bodies -- Hasselbeck completes a 7-yard pass to Alexander sneaking out of the backfield.

On first down-and-ten at the SEA20, Miller blitzed freely and nearly brought down Hasselbeck who softball threw an incomplete to Alexander. On second down, Robert Geathers made contact with the receiver and O'Neal had another near-pick. After Justin Smith jumped offsides, the Seahawks set up on third down and five, Hasselbeck drops back and Michael Myers sacked the Quarterback. Myers ran a stunt on the guard, picked up by Walter Jones and made the sack.

[5:05] Scott Kooistra in at right tackle while Willie Anderson in at left tackle. After Rudi Johnson false start, Bengals RUSH ANOTHER DUMB pitch to the left. Julian Peterson stuffed the play quickly for a five yard loss. Note to Bob, scratch that play. On second down, Palmer drops back and run a screen play. Rudi Johnson picked up the reception and ran FOREVER for 33 yards. The Seahawks blitzed the linebackers. Finally with some room away from the endzone, Rudi, on first down, lost three yards. On second down, Palmer was sacked. Stacy Andrews and Scott Kooistra has three guys to block.

On third-and-20 at their own 29 yard line, Palmer in shotgun, is forced out of the pocket rolling out right. Palmer completes a 17-yard pass to T.J. Bengals punt.

Defensively, the Bengals are doing alright. While Hasselbeck is completing an assortment of short and intermediate routes, the rush defense is playing tough. Alexander, so far, has only rushed for two yards on five attempts. Thornton is breaking through quickly. Offensively, Palmer is sharp and Chad and T.J. are catching everything. The offensive line can't stop jumping, but the Bengals aren't rushing at all.

[4:56] First play of the drive: Hasselbeck completes a quick pass to Burleson for a short six yards. On second down, Hasselbeck completes another quick pass to the right. Branch picks up 11 yards. On first-and-ten at the SEA48, Alexander rushed out the red (4 carries, -1 yards) over the middle for five yards. After Hasselbeck rolled out right on second down throwing an incomplete to Engram on the right sidelines (would have picked up one yard), Hasselbeck overthrows the pass on third down forcing Seattle to punt. Hellz yea sucka.

[4:52] On first down, Palmer fakes to Rudi and completes a 20-yard pass to Chad who caught the pass and just collapsed to avoid hits -- good idea -- inside a soft zone. On first down again, Chad runs up and then a skinny post picking up another 18 yards. Bengals, like they've done most of this game, run to the line of scrimmage and quickly run Rudi on a pitch to the left for five yards. On second down, Rudi runs again to the left and picks up about four yards setting up a third-and-one at the SEA21.

Then the Bengals call a dumb, dumb, dumb play. On third-and-one, the Bengals call a pitch to the left losing four yards. Shayne Graham converts a 43-yard field goal to take a 10-7 lead.

[4:46] BENGALS INTERCEPTION. Hasselbeck throws a pass over the middle, tipped by Seattle receiver, caught by Leon Hall. Bengals have the ball back. T.J. thanks the football gods.

[4:45] Palmer continues. On second-and-9, Palmer completes a 15 yard pass to Chad who found a soft spot in the zone, turned around and picked up the laser pass. After a nice 10-yard pass on an out pattern -- the timing was perfect, T.J.'s footwork, perfect -- Rudi loses another yard. On second down, T.J. made a great catch in a small-window pass (a crowd of Seahawks). FUMBLE. T.J. trying to pick up additional yards, spins around and loses the ball after Hill slapped the ball out of his hands. Seattle Ball.

First Quarter STATS

Palmer, 6/7 90 yards passing, TD
T.J., 4-70-TD
Chad, 2-20

Hasselbeck 9/10, 75 yards passing, TD
Alexander, 3 rushes, -4 yards

[4:41] On first down at their own five-yard line, Rudi takes the handoff directly into a pile and picks up a yard. End of the first quarter.

[4:40] Seattle choose to punt instead that was fair caught at the five yard line.

[4:37] Bengals rush defense starts strong after John Thornton drops Alexander for a one yard loss. Then, an almost pick came when Hasselbeck forced a small-window pass to Engram. The football must have been thrown so hard that it split the molecules of O'Neal. How was that not picked? Seattle converted the first down after Hasselbeck completed a 5-yard pass to Branch. After Hasselbeck overthrew Burleson -- he had a step on the defense -- Landon Johnson did a great job to bring down Alexander on the edge. That could have been a major pickup.

But the Bengals pass defense continues to, how do I say this, suck. Hasselbeck went on to complete passes of 19 and 11 yards to Burleson. On first-and-ten at the Cin38, Thornton, again, penetrates the line and drops Alexander for a three yard loss. Bengals defense is playing off the receivers -- I'd guess about 10 yards -- giving Branch enough room for a quick slant and seven yards.

On third-and-6 at the CIN34, Hasselbeck dropped back and had a double wide receiver screen. Hasselbeck faked right and threw to Engram on a screen to the left. Myers did a great job blowing the play making the tackle for a no-gain. Then Seattle lined up on fourth down before calling a timeout.

[4:29] Shayne Graham kicked off very short to a Seahawks lineman who attempted the catch on several bounces. The Bengals were this close to recovering. Seattle ball.

[4:26] With a third-and-11-SEA30, Bengals called for false start (Bobbie Williams). Now, third-and-15, at the Seattle 35, Palmer in shotgun looked right and threw right to a WIDE OPEN T.J. for a TOUCHDOWN. Seattle dropped eight into coverage and no one paid attention. T.J. lined up left and ran towards the right side of the field. On the drive, Palmer completed six of seven passes for 90 yards passing. T.J. has 70 of those yards.

[4:22] Man, on the right hand side, T.J. ran in and then faded out into the endzone. After catching the pass for which appeared to be a touchdown, the refs called the play out and the Bengals were (Willie) called for a holding call setting up a first-and-20 at the Seattle-40 yard line. The Bengals picked up 11 of those yards on a pass to T.J., who caught his third pass for 35 yards on the drive. Bengals call their first timeout.

The passing offense looks good. Their timing is spot on. However, Rudi, on six attempts has 0 yards. A lot of tackles being made in the backfield by penetrating Seahawk defenders.

[4:20]: Holt returns the kickoff to the 17-yard line. No lanes. Rudi gains a good chunk after the POA was designed right, Rudi cut back left for four yards. On second down, Rudi lost three yards after dancing around in the backfield. On third-and-nine, Palmer completes a small-window pass to T.J. running a curl route on the right. Rudi, on first down, lost another two yards after Seattle's defensive front gets good penetration. Palmer successfully completes a third-and-three to Chad who escaped in the right flats.

Bengals ran hurry-up no-huddle. On second-and-15 at the Cincinnati 39-yard line, Palmer completes a rocket pass to Chad on the left who ran a curl route for 15 yards. Then, on third-and-one, Palmer hands off to Rudi who barely picked up the first down. The Bengals converted their first three third down situations.

[4:10] After two quick short passes to Strong and Alexander for six yards, Matt Hasselbeck, on third and four at the Cincinnati 18-yard line, completes an 18-yard touchdown pass to Engram running towards the right side of the endzone. Leon Hall covering.

[4:07]: Bengals special teams sucks early. A massive hole through the middle allows Wilson to return 72 yards.. Wilson wasn't touched until he was tackled at the Cincinnati 24-yard line.

[4:03]: Captains are Rudi Johnson, Kenny Watson, Robert Geathers, John Thornton and Carson Palmer. Seattle wins the toss and will receive.


  • Hasselbeck completes 18-yard pass to Engram. (Seahawks 7, Bengals 0)
  • Palmer completes 35-yard pass to T.J. (Bengals 7, Seahawks 7)
  • Shayne Graham kicks a 43-yard field goal (Bengals 10, Seahawks 7)
  • Hasselbeck completes 42-yard pass to Branch (Seahawks 14, Bengals 10)
  • Marshall sacks Hasselbeck in the endzone (Seahawks 14, Bengals 12)
  • Shayne Graham kicks a 24-yard field goal (Bengals 15, Seahawks 14)
  • Josh Brown kicks a 23-yard field goal (Seahawks 17, Bengals 15)
  • Kenny Watson runs for eight yards (Bengals 21, Seahawks 17)
  • Hasselbeck completes a 22-yard pass to Burleson (Seahawks 24, Bengals 21)

Turnovers (Bengals -1)

  • T.J. fumbles, Seattle recovers.
  • Leon Hall intercepts tipped pass.... leads to 3 points.
  • Seattle intercepts Palmer pass... leads to 7 points.
  • Seattle intercepts Palmer pass.
  • Williams intercepts Hasselbeck pass... leads to 3 points.
  • Holt fumbles the ball on kickoff return with one minute left in the game.


  • 12-men on the field on Seattle's PAT on their first touchdown.
  • Willie Anderson, false start
  • Willie Anderson, holding
  • Bobbie Williams, false start
  • Justin Smith, offsides
  • Dexter Jackson, personal foul, late hit.
  • Scott Kooistra, illegal formation. Off the line.
  • Robert Geathers, offsides
  • O'Neal, personal foul, face mask.


  • Caleb Miller hurt with 3 minutes in the second quarter. Sat still for a brief moment before being helped off the field. UPDATE: Reports from radio say he suffered a lower back injury and is in the lockerroom for x-rays.
  • Rudi Johnson injured hamstring. Return is questionable.
  • Willie Anderson was helped off the field after the Bengals scored their 21st point. No word yet.

Third Downs

Bengals Sit. Result   Seahawks Sit. Result
1 3-9-CIN18 Palmer completes 15-yard pass to T.J.   1 3-4-CIN18 Hasselbeck completes 18-yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Engram.
2 3-3-CIN40 Palmer completes 4-yard pass to Chad.   2 3-2-SEA27 Hasselbeck completes 5-yard pass to Branch
3 3-1-SEA31 Rudi runs for 1-yard.   3 3-10-SEA32 Hasselbeck completes 19-yard pass to Burleson
4 3-15-SEA35 Palmer completes 35-yard TOUCHDOWN pass to T.J.   4 3-6-CIN34 Hasselbeck completes a no-gain pass to Engram. Punt.
5 3-1-SEA21 Rudi loses 4 yards on a dumb call, pitch to the left. Field Goal.   5 3-5-CIN43 Hasselbeck incomplete to Engram. Punt.
6 3-20-CIN29 Palmer completes 17-yard pass to T.J. Punt   6 3-5-SEA25 Hasselbeck sacked by Myers. Punt.
7 3-5-CIN37 Palmer incomplete to Chad. Chad drops the pass.   7 3-2-SEA22 Hasselbeck incomplete to Burleson. Punt.
8 3-1-CIN28 Jeremi Johnson rushes for 12 yards.   8 3-1-SEA29 QB Sneak.
9 3-10-CIN40 Palmer completes 20-yard pass to Chad.   9 3-5-SEA48 Hasselbeck incomplete pass to Burleson.
10 3-10-SEA40 Palmer incomplete to T.J. Punt.   10 3-3-CIN39 Hasselbeck completes 16-yard pass to Engram.
11 3-16-SEA44 Palmer throws interception to Russell intended for Johnson.   11 3-4-CIN5 Hasselbeck incomplete to Burleson. Field Goal.
12 3-3-CIN13 Palmer completes 10-yard pass to Chad.   12 3-10-CIN45 Hasselbeck completes 9-yard pass to Branch.
13 3-1-CIN32 Watson rushes for 5 yards.        
14 3-5-CIN42 Palmer completes 4-yard pass to Kelly. Punt.        
15 3-6-SEA40 Palmer completes 9-yard pass to T.J.        
16 3-8-SEA15 Palmer completes 10-yard pass to Coats.        
17 3-6-SEA6 Palmer incomplete pass to Chad. Field Goal.        
18 3-2-SEA22 Watson rushes for 14 yards.        

Mainstream Prediction: Shootout.
Kirkendall Prediction: Bengals defense wins with something to prove.

PERSONNEL UPDATES: Ghiaciuc, Brooks and Ndukwe OUT
Out were center Eric Ghiaciuc (thumb) and middle linebacker Ahmad Brooks (groin), but Lemar Marshall (groin) did draw the start at strong-side linebacker despite not practicing until Friday. Also down for the second straight week was core special teams member Chinedum Ndukwe (hamstring), the rookie safety. []

UPDATE: Inactive includes Rucker, starters updated
There are two changes on offense: Andrew Whitworth will start for Levi Jones, and Alex Stepanovich will start for Ghiaciuc.
On defense, Lemar Marshall will start for Jeanty. Caleb Miller will start for Brooks. [Curnutte Blog]

Uniform: White jersey | Black pants

Weather: Partly cloudy. High 62F. Winds light and variable. []

Who's watching? As per this NFL distribution map, most of Southern Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, most of West Virginia, and a few counties in Virginia. A majority of Western Pennsylvania and several counties on the East Coast. Some in Western Illinois and Eastern Missouri, a majority of Minnesota. All of Washington, most of Oregon and a majority of Northern California. Click on the link for detailed info.

Inactive/Out: Rashad Jeanty, Ethan Kilmer , Tab Perry, Ahmad Brooks, Nedu Ndukwe, Eric Ghiaciuc, Frostee Rucker

Starters: We project the starting lineup below based on last week's starters and today's trickle of info.

(Week #3 is not official) -- (D, Doubtful... Q, Questionable)

I placed Stepanovich in for Ghiaciuc, who's listed as doubtful. I kept Ahmad Brooks in, but Caleb Miller would likely get the start if Brooks can't go. I kept Lemar Marshall in but if he can't go, then likely new acquisition, Dhani Jones would get the start. Remember, if Brooks and Marshall can't go, then the Bengals are down to four total linebackers. Willie Anderson is questionable. If he doesn't go the entire game (like the first two games), then Scott Kooistra will rotate in. Antonio Chatman and Nedu Ndukwe, out last week, are both questionable.

Starters For the Season (week #3 starters not official)

POS. Week #1 Week #2 Week #3
QB Palmer Palmer Palmer
RB R. Johnson R. Johnson R. Johnson
FB D.Coats (2nd TE) J. Johnson J. Johnson
WR C. Johnson C. Johnson C. Johnson
WR Houshmandzadeh Houshmandzadeh Houshmandzadeh
TE Kelly Kelly Kelly
LT Whitworth Whitworth Whitworth
LG Andrews Andrews Andrews
C Ghiaciuc Stepanovich Stepanovich
RG Williams Williams Williams
RT Anderson Anderson Anderson (Q)
POS Week #1 Week #2 Week #3
LE Geathers Geathers Geathers
DT Peko Peko Peko
DT Thornton Thornton Thornton
RE Smith Smith Smith
WB L. Johnson L. Johnson L. Johnson
MB Brooks Brooks Miller
SB Marshall Marshall Marshall (D)
SS Jackson Jackson Jackson
FS Williams Williams Williams
CB Hall Joseph Joseph
CB O'Neal O'Neal O'Neal

How do I keep tabs?
I watch the game on television, listen to the radio and confirm yardage and other loose ends with's Game Center. All things published on Game Logs originate from any of those sources.