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Points of Interest: Marvin Lewis Press Conference

Points of interest during Marvin Lewis' press conference on Tuesday.

To Remain
"Rashad Jeanty, Ethan Kilmer, and Tab Perry will probably be the three players unavailable against New England."

To Return
"Ahmad Brooks should be available this week... I think Ahmad would start the game." (two seperate questions)

"Eric Ghiaciuc looks to be available to come back this week as well."

Not so sure
"The guys who were banged up in the Seattle game who we're unsure about would be Caleb Miller and Rudi Johnson."

On Skyler Green fair-catching punts inside the 10-yard line.
"When they put in this new stuff called FieldTurf, it changed the dynamics of where you should catch the ball or let it go. With the FieldTurf, when the ball hits, it has a tendency to go straight up in the air. So you want to catch it closer to the goal than you used to on other field. Skyler was on board and in the right spots when he caught those footballs."
- Marvin Lewis Press Conference, 9.25.07

I can accept that. Remember Matt Hasselbeck and the Seattle offense started at the two-yard line? What happened?

On Kenny Watson replacing Rudi Johnson against the Seahawks
"We bring the next guys up and we go. I think you saw that when Kenny (Watson) replaced Rudi in the game. I think you were probably clamoring for that, so I think you got your wish."

Alrighty, then.

On Rudi struggling against Seattle
"No Rudi did not struggle. He had a five-yard gain, minus-four yard gain, five-yard gain, minus three-yard gain. Rudi did not struggle. That's a fallacy. Don't even go there."

Alrighty, then.

You can't say that Marvin doesn't admit mistakes. On going for two instead of one.
"I probably should have kicked the extra point, but I went for two. We'll leave it at that."