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Week in Review: Injury keeps the Bengals behind eight-ball

Heading into Monday Night's game against the New England Patriots, the Bengals infirmary is filling up. The typical three are out -- Rashad Jeanty, Ethan Kilmer and Tab Perry. Rudi Johnson was added to that list. On Friday, the Bengals downgraded two linebackers -- Ahmad Brooks, Caleb Miller -- leaving only one linebacker likely to play that was here during training camp -- Landon Johnson. Dhani Jones, Anthony Schlegel and Lemar Marshall were signed during the season and are the bulk of our linebackers Monday.

People say that all teams deal with injury. Still, the injuries suffered on defense, specifically at linebacker, has put this team behind the eight-ball. I'm hoping, as hope can be, for the win. Realistically, we appear to be a few pieces short to win the upset. If this team stands a chance to win, the Bengals offense will have to go Cleveland-crazy scoring well over 40 points. Is it possible? Of course. Anything is. Heading into Monday's game, it seems very unlikely.

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