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Scribblings and Squabblings: T.J. mum on injury

Will he or won't he? What's going on? There's increasing concern about the knee of T.J. Houshmandzadeh that's kept him out of practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Hobson said "he wouldn't comment about it". This is completely within Bengals character. Lewis remains very mum on injuries and asks his players to do the same. Peter Warrick was injured for half a decade and we didn't know about it until last Tuesday. Marvin is just that good.

We should know soon how serious his injury is when they, hopefully, designate his projected status (doubtful, questionable, probable) for Monday... perhaps as soon as tonight. All I know is that if it's Chad, Tab Perry, Glenn Holt and Skyler Green, then, well, _____ (fill in the blanks with any word that starts with "S" and ends with "hit"). Reminder: the team kept Antonio Chatman even though he'd be out for, as Hobson put it, several games. Good move.

Still convinced

...that Chick Ludwig reads this blog. In my "I wonder" Wednesday, I said, "Coats has the tools to be a great fit within the Bengals offense -- three receivers and a blocking tight end. If I were to put on my Nostradamus mask for a moment, he'd be the most natural heir to replace Reggie Kelly -- the best blocking tight end in the NFL and a classy guy."

Actually, I think his was produced before mine. I hadn't any idea though. And his version was more insightful than mine. But I'm still convinced Ludwig is a reader. Full of myself? Yea, just a little.

I still read

Dear Mo, I still read your blog. It's one of my morning cup of coffee routines. Even after questioning how much time I had on my hands. Which is, depressingly, a lot.