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What's on television: Previewing ESPN and Bengals/Ravens competitions

Want a preview for this weekend's ESPN NFL shows? On Monday Night Countdown, they will have "soundtracks" with Carson Palmer going through practice. We'll see Rudi Johnson's extensive car collection. And for some reason, ESPN thinks we're interested in watching a premiere of a new Kayne West music video. That's about the time you should hit the grocery store and buy ingredients for a tasty lettuce wrap. No, I don't like them either. However, I dislike West more.

Channel 9 (WCPO) is running a contest with WMAR pitting Bengals fans with Ravens fans. I have no idea why or what it's about. They only ask you send them photos of anything Bengals related. It's unlikely that the best photos will make the final cut because the FCC bans skin above the knees, farts, tobacco, Hu-Dey beer, Larry Craig, ugly people, chest hair, Buckeye fans jumping in manure for tickets and, most importantly, triflers -- not related to Tribbles.