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Bengals/Ravens stuff -- T.J. worked, Willie and Joesph practiced, Chatman cut

This weekend will likely be named, the mysterious tackle kidnappings. Willie Anderson, while practicing Wednesday, but missing Thursday is still on his game plan (he worked Friday). Levi Jones is a bigger mystery. There's growing expectation that Jones could be more hurt than he's leading on forcing the coaches to start Andrew Whitworth in his place. However, the publicly displeased left tackle is convinced he's ready to start. Jonathan Ogden is in a "holding pattern" yet "cautiously optimistic.

There's been a roster update. The Bengals decided to cut Antonio Chatman and reacquire Dan Santucci off the Colts practice squad. T.J. Houshmandzadeh worked in practice -- by himself -- and Willie Anderson and Johnathan Joseph dressed and worked with the team. Also, the Bengals have sold out all their home games. But if you need tickets, check out my sponsors on the left (cheap sponsor mention).

On Willis McGahee. [Sporting Life]
Note: I can not STAND sites that have those preview links. When you hover your mouse over the link, a small window comes up previewing the site. Keep it simple stupid. (end, rant)

"The first time I laid eyes on him and even when I look at him now, it's the same thing. You see that hair — there's just so much of it — and all you can really say is 'Wow!'"
- T.J. Houshmandzadeh on Domata Peko's hair. [Dayton Daily News]

This week's rival site [Baltimore Ravens]

Ravens 24x7 ran a piece that previews the "Battle Plans" between the Ravens and the Bengals. The cliff notes version:

  • Ravens offense run a "delayed tempo" to counteract a Bengals defense that will probably be out to gain confidence early. Offense should also pound the ball and win time of possession battle.
  • Ravens defense should be prepared for quick offense, attacking the edges with unknowns at tackles for the Bengals and playing disciplined.