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Week in Review -- Ravens week

There's really nothing better than a kill-joy activist, who would love nothing more than to banish all recreational sporting activities, progressing an ideal that would breed us into lazy society objects because the motivation to improve quality of life dies. The Texas Liberal spends time pushing petty arguments that not only fail to make sense, but are countered with economic successes and statistics that make the petty Texas Liberal seem childish and foolish who gets off when the Bengals lose. But I'll give that task to you folks. I have Cincinnati Bengals things to discuss.

For the third consecutive year, all 16 games of the NFL’s Kickoff Weekend have sold out in advance of the local TV blackout deadline, enabling every game to be televised in the home-team market, the NFL announced today.
- NFL Press Release

Week in Review

Injuries and the Displeased

Stories of injuries have saturated this team since day one in training camp. This week held no exception. The mysterious T.J. Houshmandzadeh injury has caused concern. Obviously because losing Houshmandzadeh would hurt this offense, but after Chad Johnson, we're looking at Tab Perry, Skyler Green and Glenn Holt -- none of which made tremendous strides on offense during the preseason. However concerns lowered after Houshmandzadeh worked Friday and was listed as Probable on Friday's injury report.

Eric Ghiaciuc is another issue. His neck has limited practice and labeled him as questionable. Leon Hall's illness has limited his participation this week but he's expected to have a limited role Monday -- possibly rotating with Johnathan Joseph, who's not 100% yet.

Willie Anderson worked some this week. He's been saying since preseason that he'll go on Monday Night. However, the publicly displeased Levi Jones isn't so sure he's starting. His agent jumped into the mix before Jones tried to play down the whole issue. At first, I just labeled at frustration. Now this could be one of those distraction deals.

Stats and notes about Bengals/Ravens game

On behalf of the Chipman family bet, we detailed the Bengals all-time history on Monday Night football. We also dove into the realm of metrics for offensive linemen.

Bengals weekly press release against the Ravens. The Bengals/Ravens primer. Even a super-long season primer. How have the Bengals fantastic four fared against the Ravens?

Chatman released and Rucker has one-game suspension overturned.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson will unveil his new checklist on Monday. My favorite Chad Johnson moments. Chad's upcoming touchdown celebration. Clark Judge takes Chad Johnson to task.

Other stuff

Do fans have the right to boo athletes? I wonder about the Bengals cut-down day. I also wonder about the Bengals season. Do coaches taking HGH disrupt competitive balance in the NFL. The NFL's rule changes. The first NFL game of the season. What Bengals related stuff on ESPN this weekend?

Buyers beware

John Matarese is asking you, the consumer, to beware of ticket scams this year.

If you're looking into buying any football season tickets online...Beware. I've warned before about scammers selling tickets for unbelievably low prices. They are doing it again this year.

Matarese makes these simple suggestions.

Check out sellers very carefully. Some red flags? A seller asking you to wire money via Western Union, or a seller who says he's been transferred to Canada, England, or other countries.

Looking back

Memories of 1st team fresh after almost four decades [Cincy Post]