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I'm not sure trading Marvin Lewis is a good thing

On the same day that we heard there's a possibility of trading head coach Marvin Lewis, it was quickly shot down."It's not something for me to respond to. Just a writer making a speculative point." And it seems that one writer making speculation has drawn Cincinnati into a "well, let's talk about this debate." Which makes me understand that a majority of Bengals fans are done with Lewis. While I'm not yet, I completely understand dissenting views of our head coach. Many speculate that the Bengals would, at least, get a first and second round pick. Which is fine. However, who would draft the players? We'd assume that a coach would be brought in for that. But whom?

The worst thing that could happen in Cincinnati is that we trade Marvin Lewis, pick up the first two draft picks, and then go searching for a head coach among a limited group of coaching candidates. What's worse, we get a coach that would be even less productive than Lewis and be gone after two or three seasons. After all, why would the Ravens entertain trading for Lewis? Because there's really nothing out there. Are you willing to give a first-time head coach another shot? Lewis was a first-time head coach on a team that had no where to go but up. This time around, the team risks heading replaying a very frustrating history. Completely different situations.

Do you want Mike Brown drafting our players? Or a head coach that has no history of head coaching? Marty Schottenhiemer? I could see that. Bill Cowher has already said he's not interested in coaching right now. At all. Rex Ryan won't come to Cincinnati because I doubt the Ravens would allow it. Most of all, I'd be ticked if the Bengals went after a college head coach.

While it's generally believed that Lewis just can't get the job done, there's really nothing out there that's available to do what Lewis hasn't. And keep in mind, throwing names around as possibilities isn't the same as hiring them. The NFL, right now, seems to be having a wide-spread anxiety issue with head coaching candidates being so limited.

I say we give him a shot at doing what he's preached towards the end of the year. Gutting the entire thing and starting over. Heck, you never know. But if we hit status quo for another season, then we'll just know he talks a fine game. We need more than a talker. This is his final notice.