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Reports: Bengals to hire Mike Zimmer

Reports are starting to generate that the Bengals could hire former Cowboys and Falcons defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, on Monday. Of the available, and established, defensive coordinators, Zimmer was the most successful.

That brings up a question. Could the Bengals incorporate a 3-4 defense? Several friends that followed me from previous writing engagements, know I've supported transitioning into a 3-4. It's not like the Bengals were successful with a 4-3. The only argument against a 3-4 is personnel. We don't have a true nose tackle in the likes of a Casey Hampton, Jamal Williams, Vince Wilfork or Jay Ratliff. Drafting a defensive tackle in the first round? This would go along the lines of letting Bryan Robinson go, cutting John Thornton and holding onto Michael Myers for depth. It would also prompt the team to redevelop their defensive ends. Long story short, there's a lot of work to be done at defensive line -- no matter what philosophy they implement.

Furthermore, Zimmer is more experienced using the 4-3 than the 3-4. He first used the 3-4 when Bill Parcells became the head coach in Dallas. The 3-4 discussion is generated almost every off-season. And each time, it's a defense used less than the standard 4-3. But we'll see.