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Tampa Bay making a run for Chad Johnson?

You figure with all the Chad Johnson stories about being traded or, at least, playing for someone else, news will leak of other team's interest in the wide receiver. Is Miami in play for his hometown connection? Then Bill Parcells showed up. Zap. Tampa Bay?

The Buccaneers engineered the league's 16th best passing offense. Tampa Bay, ironically tied with Miami, recorded 162 first down receptions. Ike Hillard and Joey Galloway combined for 119 receptions for 1,736 yards receiving. Chad Johnson alone had 93 receptions and 1,440 yards.

Look for the Bucs to trade for an elite player such as Chad Johnson or sign an elite one such as Randy Moss rather than spend a draft pick because of the urgency at this spot. [News-Press]

Dear GM Bruce Allen: Trade for WR Chad Johnson immediately