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Tis the season for NFL Playoffs.

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Tis the season to enjoy playoff football. Games with the ultimate implications are played. Winners play next week, losers figure out what the Bengals have been doing for weeks now. Still, an NFL playoffs without the Bengals, is well, normal. That's not mean. It's the reality of being a fan for so long. It's sad and depressing. The silver lining is that we don't have those tense moments during games that can either make or break a season. Usually for us, depression and tension of implications takes the course of several games.

What's been up fellas?

Remember when Chad Johnson gave away a new Lexus to his girlfriend rather than a contest in Kentucky's Funny Bone? The two are going to court. Perhaps that's why he wants to be traded. As we all suspected, he's not going anywhere.

Mike Zimmer is our defensive coordinator. I hear people keep relating to his one-year tenure in Atlanta as a reason to be concerned. Not me. I wouldn't take face value for anything or anyone in Atlanta's 2007 season. Atlanta was a disaster beyond disaster. No Cincinnati Bengals season could relate. Not even the 2002 squad. It's not surprising that everyone and everything failed for the Falcons.

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Now that the Bengals run the risk of losing Quarterbacks Coach Ken Zampese to the Rams, there's a chance that even after hiring a linebacker's coach that the Bengals will be on the lookout for more coaches. Hue Jackson won't be back however.


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