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Are the Bengals thinking more offense?

So, the Bengals need some defensive linemen. Really? And though Jay Hayes wants William Wallace -- which I'm sure he's referring to the Mel Gibson version -- the second best option, it seems, will be Sedrick Ellis. So much so, that if they pick someone else at another position, I'd be shocked. Shocked. Just like I was certain they'd trade a few spots for Chris Perry rather than Steven Jackson.

Offensively, we're hearing what we already know. Fix the running game.

"I have a list of all the free agent guys back on my desk in the office," Bratkowski said in a phone interview from Mobile. "We'll spread our time out when we get back. We’ll spend half a day analyzing the (Bengals 2007) offense and another half day assessing the free agents."

Does this team need to go after another running back? Furthermore, don't you think that quote alone points towards a truth that Rudi Johnson won't be in a Bengals uniform in 2008. That would leave Kenny Watson, Kenny Irons, Chris Perry and DeDe Dorsey. Are you comfortable with that lineup or should the Bengals look to bring in another back? Perhaps a bruiser that's durable.

I also wonder this: Is the latest beat writers surge for offensive minded changes a direction of the team or simply points that bored writers talk about when revising positions within the team? I'm thinking its off-season fodder. But if it's the team's position to take the off-season and upgrade the offense, wouldn't that confirm exactly what Chuck Bresnahan said after he departed?

I can't completely blame the running backs for being "insufficient". Because I can't exonerate the offensive line. While they protected Carson Palmer a franchise-settomg 17 sacks, they too struggled in the running game. While we spend our time complaining that Rudi Johnson is half the man he used to be -- meaning the obvious loss of body mass -- we have to acknowledge that our rushing blocking offensive line didn't do the running backs many favors. All running backs combined, the Bengals averaged 3.7 yards per rush tying 2006 as the worst average per rush during the Bob Bratkowski era.

I'm not exactly sure what this team plans on doing. We all know the needs. Whether they address them, who the heck knows.

Watson, a breakout player for 2008?