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Five quick reasons why Chad Johnson won't get traded to Miami

You have to give Chad Johnson credit. When he wants something, he makes it known... again, and again, and again, and again, and again...

The boys at The Phinsider want him.

Let's examine things again for those that may have either missed our diatribe or suddenly think there's a chance he'll be traded and why it won't happen. It's an easy list.

  1. Bill's T.O-like Reunion? The way Bill Parcells handled Terrell Owens doesn't make me think he wants a egomaniacal player with a history of reported, supported from a certain Dayton beat writer, influence "trying to take over the team." Consider for a moment that the possibility of a trade is coming strictly from Chad Johnson who really cites no reason for his demands other than the fiction he's created about being a "cancer". He's the one promoting that. No sources, players or coaches have come out to say the team is trying to trade him other than the Chris Mortensen assumption several months ago. Which, in the end, was recanted.
  2. Investment Return: I highly doubt the Cincinnati Bengals will trade Chad Johnson without attempting to bankrupt the Miami Dolphins draft. There's really no incentive to trade Chad -- other than the standard athlete millionaire pissed off at the world scenario sabotaging the team's performance. Remaining in that scenario, why would Bill Parcells trade high draft picks for a team that won .063% of their games for a wide receiver who holds press conferences simply to say he didn't go ape-shit on the coaches during the Wild Card game in 2005? Think about it. Why would Cincinnati give up Chad Johnson's numbers for a low pick or two? We don't get rid of anything. Not even bad talent.
  3. Beck/Lemon. Look, I'm not bashing any Dolphins Quarterback. But going from Carson Palmer to either Beck or Lemon isn't necessarily the smoothest transition a Pro Bowl wide receiver. Think he's irritated now?
  4. Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown have both come out and said he's playing for the Bengals in 2008.
  5. Why would Bill Parcells' put Chad Johnson on the sidelines with a rookie head coach?

Honestly, if Chad gets traded, I'd be shocked. We'll see... but I just don't see it happening.