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Chad's campaign for trade hits Super Tuesday

UPDATE II: Chad to the Patriots?

The Patriots made an unexpected splash trading for Randy Moss last April. Might Bengals receiver Chad Johnson be next?

The thought was tantalizing to Johnson yesterday at Super Bowl XLII.

"It would be fun; I would love to play there," he said. "But right now, I'm in Cincinnati. That's where I am."

UPDATE: Chad's a friendly fellow

Reached by The Enquirer on his cell phone in Phoenix, Johnson said: "I haven’t spoken to you all year. Why you calling my (expletive) phone? Why you calling my phone?

...and then he spoke. The more I here Chad Johnson talk, the more corrupted I get. For over four years I supported the guy. Said that his celebrations weren't bad; they fired up his mates. Said that his antics weren't selfish; they brought a positive spin to a negative attitude.

I could defend Chad on nearly everything. Then, after his "I"m a bitch" tour today, I realized, I was wrong. Wrong to think that this guy, a Cincinnati Bengal since 2001, would be a contributor to what lifted us out of the cellar. Yet, all he did was make the Bengals mediocre. Not great. Perhaps good -- in 2005. It's the Corey Dillon argument. "I'm great, but I won't make you great." He could put up stellar numbers no doubt. But an ass clown always looks good in makeup.

So, let's get to it. Lance McAlister transcribed Rome's show today.

Chad with Rome
Do you want to be traded?
"I'm going to leave that to the Shark (agent Drew Rosenhaus)"
Are you happy in Cincinnati?
"I'm not allowed to say. I get the blame......the so called best player....I'm the problem. Somebody in-house is spreading this. Maybe they want me to quiet down, stop being me. That is not going to happen. I can't function that way.
I tried it...I sucked. There was no excitement."
Can they make it right with you?
........long pause.......I think I could be here with you all season...on your show"
Is it blown up...not fixable?
"I'm leaving that to Drew. It's been bad (in Cincinnati)....I'm the scapegoat...alot of stuff in house is happening I'm not fond of. It doesn't sit well with me. I have fun. I'm a little outlandish. I produce. I do everything to help us win.
Who does have your back?
"TJ has my back.....Carson....that's it....that's really it"

We also learn from PFT:

Though Bengals receiver Chad Johnson didn't come out and say that he wants out of Cincinnati during a Wednesday visit to ESPN's NFL Live, he didn't say that he wants to return -- and he was given every opportunity to do so.

Instead, he said that he wants to play for a contender, and he pulled out the "next question" card when pressed on whether the Bengals fall into that category.

Johnson will try his damnedest not to come off as the bad guy in this.  In the end, however, he won't pull it off.  If he wants out, he needs to be a man and say so.  Otherwise, he needs to say that he wants to stay, and he needs to shut up and get about the business of being a good teammate.

A contender? How are the Dolphins or Panthers more "contenders" than the Bengals? So he's either an awful liar or truly an idiot. I vote for both.

A new contract? Clayton says so...

Johnson to the Dolphins? Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson continues to push for a trade, possibly to the Miami Dolphins. He is trying to angle for a new contract but even that appears to be unlikely at the moment.

Not only did Chad Johnson cower to truly say what he feels, his campaign today was not only insulting to the organization, but its fans too. Ironically, this won't just make the play to trade him more reasonable and likely.