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The evolving Chad Johnson question...

I'll call myself a sucker. I think there are several reasons why it makes sense for the Bengals to move Chad Johnson.

I don't necessarily support that move, but if it were to happen, I could see the positive from it. But here's some things we should note. On Friday's Mike and Mike In the Morning show, Carson Palmer was interviewed as saying the team should give Johnson an extension. Palmer also reiterated his comments about the coaching staff. Reader Ted, through coorspondence, doesn't see Chad leaving nor does Johnson believe he's going anywhere.

Johnson's performances as a Cincinnati Bengal isn't just among the league's best. He's, historically, one of the best receivers this franchise has ever seen.

Even though the suggestion of moving Johnson is becoming a popular one, it also doesn't present, at least through the lack of reports, that the Bengals would see a return investment. When Peter King suggested a third-round pick, I bulked. The only positive this would bring is if reports are true that Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are trying to "run the team". Recapuring the team's unity. Again, if reports are true.

Going to Miami?

During the Bengals finale against the Miami Dolphins, we wondered if Johnson would go to Miami. Why? They need the talent. But the "home town" argument surfaces. Going back home is a big reason why players and coaches leave. If this were before Bill Parcells becoming the Vice President, I would have thought the suggestion would go places. Now? I doubt it will happen. Not with Parcells, who wants team players and there's a general image that's developing that Chad Johnson could be the next Terrell Owens in that selfishness is becoming a descriptive word.

Oh, and there's this little fact. Do you think a 1-15 team really thinks trading away their draft picks for a single receiver, would benefit them? They have to develop a team with 1-15 talent. The improvement won't come from a single receiver.

Now, we have to keep reminding ourselves; what's becoming of Chad through sources that won't reveal their names (i.e., guys possibly in the lockerroom) aren't always the best arguments supporting a move. I understand that. Sources generally have their own motivations. If it were a guy like Willie Anderson saying this, then there's plenty of weight behind it. He wants the best for the team. If it were a guy that was leaving the team, or another receiver, then you have to question the motivations. Since we don't know the source, we have to remind ourselves that the leakers motives could be just as selfish as they could be selfless.

That's one reason we shouldn't be so quick to make the change.

BUT... just watch the performances. The dropped third down passes. The sudden lost communication between quarterback and receiver. The skipping out of bounds on fourth down about three yards short. The whining on the field. The jawing at quarterback and reactions against the head coach. These things, most of you, already know.

In reality, we don't know what's going to happen. If I were to guess, unless the perfect offer comes along, the Bengals will keep Johnson around. Perhaps they should, perhaps not. But I don't think the Bengals should deal him simply to deal him. And I don't think that this team will be worse or better if they do. Provided that they are smart about their investments.