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Is Mike Brown looking to fire Marvin Lewis?

Rumor, rumor, rumor. I love them; especially when they're disconnected to events that are perceived as relative, but are hardly similar. Unfortunately, a rumor will gain fodder, indirectly related to Al Davis' press conference; though the timing is exact; fueled to a mainstream event corresponding to a rumor. Pro Football Central is claiming that a source (though we're not sure where these sources are situated within the rumor) are informing them that the Bengals are looking to fire Marvin Lewis by the end of the week.

Mike Brown isn't Al Davis. While Brown runs the least successful on-field product in the league, he won't risk the controversy that would force him again, behind the podium. Lewis has developed enough reputation to keep his job safe through the season, and Brown is loyal enough to not fire a head coach after only a quarter of the season.

If, and I mean, if, there's a power struggle between Lewis and Brown, then the likeliness of Brown firing Lewis increases. However, I still don't foresee a scenario in which Brown fires Lewis after four games. It would draw too much attention to the Bengals (and obviously Brown doesn't want that). Brown could risk Lewis leaking points that the franchise may not otherwise appreciate becoming public.

I'm not saying that the rumor is true, or false. It's that, a rumor. At the same time, I still don't see Brown firing Lewis midway through the season.

(hat tip, Stripe Hype)